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Are you thinking of trying apps like Pinterest? Look no further; Scroll down and you will find apps similar to Pinterest.

Pinterest is a modern feed for creatives worldwide. You can track and share the content that enhances your ideas, which ultimately adds to your creativity. While it has not escaped popularity, a single service cannot be satisfied with when there are many fish in the sea. And that goes for creativity or innovation. Pinterest will always be a great example and platform for researching ideas. Thanks to the image sharing and social media service, however, many similar services have emerged where creatives redirect their focus.

Best apps like Pinterest

If you’re looking for apps similar to Pinterest, I’ve got my hands on some of the best Pinterest alternatives that offer similar content but have a touch of their own identity. So without further ado, let’s go!

10. Mix

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

The last one on our list of apps like Pinterest is Mix. Like its name, it is adept at mixing different content from different categories that will either confuse you or you will find your jam. Be it food recipes. Philosophy or science – you can find literally anything. The curated posts are of high quality and become so engaging that you’ll come across newer ideas every minute. In addition to photos, you can also find full-length articles. If you don’t want to see overwhelming things, your feeds can be personalized and the categories don’t matter. Download Mix from the link below.

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9. Product search

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

Product Hunt deserves to be on this list of apps like Pinterest. As with Fancy, you can discover products and if it catches your attention you will be able to buy it in no time. In contrast to Fancy, Product Hunt shows you the new products and takes notes on the submitted products. It’s also a great platform to promote your ideas and products. You will find some interesting things as the services host a wide range of categories.

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8. Dribbling

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

Another designer-focused platform, Dribble, is the place to go if your into graphics. It is a safe and innovative haven for illustrators, digital designers and graphic designers. Think of it as Pinterest for designers. Register with Dribble as you design websites, logos, pixel art, etc. on a daily basis. What is more? You can collaborate with different designers and share ideas with them or be inspired by their art. Try this app from the link below.

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7. Foodgawker

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

Foodgawker is one of the best Pinterest alternatives for foodies. As the name suggests, food lovers can marvel at the images of delicious foods. I have to warn the Foodaholics that you could be spending most of your day with this app. Get quick recipe ideas or upload your own in minutes. This social media site should be the eighth wonder of the world – for foodies. You will regret not trying.

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6. Lust

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

Fancy is one of the best apps that is similar to Pinterest. This service, which can be seen as the amalgamation of social media in the market, is an extremely cool version of the image sharing site where you can find images of all kinds to help your creativity. Search the app to fill in your ideas whenever you find something interesting and pin it with no hassle. The pinning feature also helps you find places to buy exactly those things. Would you like a concept? Try this app out.

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5. Hometalk

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

On our list of apps like Pinterest, Hometalk ranks fifth as it focuses entirely on home decorating needs. You may be wondering if the focus is on designs for private households. Then it’s one of the apps that are similar to Pinterest. Aside from its main focus on home décor, it is eerily similar to Pinterest – be it the UI for the board and the pinning features. The app has the ability to transform a boring looking house into your dream home. Indulge in concepts like home improvement, gardening, flooring, etc. It’s a remarkable replacement.

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4. Wanelo

Wanelo is a shopping cum idea hub that is a huge, virtual mall. It stands for want, need, love. As the name suggests, the offerings are pretty cute. You can explore hundreds of thousands of virtual stores to discover items that you might end up liking. The app offers products from small and large brands. So you will likely find the missing piece of the puzzle. Give Wanelo a try and explore concepts that don’t exist for you.

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3. Pearl Trees

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

Aside from the intriguing name of PearlTress, it really is one of the best apps like Pinterest out there. Like We Heart It, this app didn’t give much thought to the pin-and-board concept either. But it has been successfully replaced with pearls and trees, hence the name. For example, if you come across an exciting concept, the app allows you to display related content under their trees. You can follow a variety of trees based on contrasting categories in a similar manner. I would like the UI to be rekindled as it triggers yawns. Overall, your shadow is worth standing under PearlTress. Download it for iOS and / or Android from the link below.

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2. We love it

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

We Heart It means Pinterest to teenage girls, although everyone has a chance to explore the large community. The modern interface is engaging and will help you discover similar ideas and the people you want to connect with. If you were keenly interested in Pinterest’s board or pinning feature, you will be disappointed as it doesn’t exist here. To save the material from the app, you need to download it. These shortcomings are offset by the impeccable collection and navigable layout.

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1. Houzz

10 best apps like Pinterest: image sharing and social media platforms

Houzz is one of the best apps like Pinterest, but it’s good for home design. In this app, creative people can explore various ideas for their home design, which can be added to their own list. It can also be shared with others for important input. Talk to people who know a thing or two about designing the perfect home. The spotlight function is the shortcut function that will take you to the place where you can buy the exact items you see in the picture. Download it for your Android or iOS device from the link below.

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Are there apps like Pinterest?

Yes. Houzz, We Heart It, PearlTrees, Fancy etc. are some apps like Pinterest.

Is Pinterest a good app?

Pinterest is a wonderful app with a rich experience that features curated content from around the world. You can create boards, share items, and pin items. I think it’s short for pin your interest.

How safe is Pinterest?

Pinterest is as secure as Instagram or Snapchat. Users have to log in to access the material on the site, which of course is password protected. In addition, unlike social media apps, you don’t have to enter your personal information. As long as your password is unique and only known to you, it is safe. If you don’t like it, you can search for apps that are similar to Pinterest.

Can you view Pinterest without an account?

If you just want to browse and search the search boards on Pinterest, you can do so without creating an account. However, if you want to save web pages, you must have an account.

Why is Pinterest so popular?

Pinterest offers a unique experience. Unlike other popular social media apps, the focus is on images. It’s usually the first choice for people in marketing and graphic designers.

Is Pinterest okay for 11 year olds?

You have to be at least 13 years old to log in and use Pinterest. If you are under 13 years of age, you cannot use the service.


These are some of the best apps like Pinterest that you can use without sacrificing the quality that Pinterest has offered for years. All of the apps help you find what you’re looking for and increase your productivity. A friend of mine who is a graphic designer keeps checking out Pinterest for new ideas.

Some Pinterest alternatives offer custom concepts, while others offer consolidated ideas for whatever you need. But these apps showed up in my research – do you know any apps that are similar to Pinterest? It would be helpful if you mentioned it in the comments below.