9 Expert Tips To Earn Traffic From Instagram

Instagram is known for not being link friendly, but that facade is fading quickly.

Of course, you can’t link a standard Instagram post, but that doesn’t mean the platform can’t drive significant traffic to your website.

Let’s dive into the strategic ways to add clickable links and earn free Instagram website traffic.

1. Do more with your bio link

Link in the bio-optimization

When you originally set up your Instagram profile, you probably added a link to your website (I’d guess a link to your homepage) – and it’s been around ever since.


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But this little bio-link can do a lot more.

You can update this link as often as you want to point to any page on your website.

  • A campaign page.
  • A newly introduced collection.
  • A featured story.
  • A lead capture page.

Then, draw attention to the link by adding strategic calls to action in post captions that explain the value of the link. Things like:

  • “Click on our link in bio to learn more about …”
  • “Read the full story at the link in our bio.”
  • “For more information, see the link in our biography.”

But there is a problem with changing the link frequently.

How do you manage old posts?


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What if someone goes to your bio to learn more and finds another link or post from six months ago?

This is where you need a “Link In Bio” tool so that one link can rule them all.

Different tools accomplish this in different ways.

Many tools simply list links. It is unlikely that this will add any significant value.

The better “Link In Bio” tools allow you to curate a page that is similar to your Instagram feed, but shows your posts as clickable images.

However, don’t expect a “Link in Bio” strategy to reach its full potential overnight.

You need to be committed and consistent so that your audience has time to learn how to check the link in the bio for details.

To speed up the process, add a call to action to your Instagram bio yourself.

A short copy line before your link in bio, e.g. For example: “Click here to find out more about an article 👇” makes your link in bio more practicable.

This can have a significant impact when it comes to getting more traffic from Instagram.

2. Tag products with Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping post tag

Instagram Shopping lets you turn your feed into a storefront by tagging products to create shippable posts:

  • Up to 5 tags in standard or video posts.
  • Up to 20 with carousel posts that can act like a lookbook for your brand.
  • A product sticker in your Instagram Stories.

A Shopping tab will also appear on your profile, showing your highlighted range of products.

All of these features give your audience the opportunity to click the product on your website.


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This is the most organic way of promoting Instagram shopping.

However, in order to use this function, you must:

3. Link IGTV contributions

IGTV title with a call to action

IGTV contributions can contain clickable links in their descriptions.

To see the description, users need to tap the post title.

To get the most traffic, encourage viewers to open your video descriptions by adding a call-to-action in the IGTV title or by letting them know the link during the video itself.


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4. Add links to your Instagram stories

You can add a link to Instagram Stories that will send traffic to your website when a user swipes up or clicks the native text “Show More” at the end of a linked story.

To encourage your followers to visit your website, you need to keep the base of the frame clear so that the text “Learn more” is clearly visible.

You can also add story stickers to wipe up.

The restriction?

You need to enable this feature for linkable stories by having over 10,000 followers or by being a verified account.

5. Curate the highlights of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories mark links

Use highlights to consistently drive traffic from linked Instagram stories beyond 24 hours.


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With this function you can group stories and display them permanently in your profile.

But not every story is a highlight.

Strategically curate a library of evergreen stories that you want to put your spotlight on.

Or keep it simple and use a single story per highlight to navigate to the most important categories on your website.

6. Send links in Instagram direct messages

Encourage your Instagram followers to start converting to DMs with you.

You can also start the conversation yourself by, for example, greeting new followers and asking a relevant question.

It is not efficient to write a unique message for every new participant.

To scale, you can set up quick replies – pre-formatted text that you paste in a direct message to avoid having to type the same thing over and over for different people.

Be sure to monitor your inbox daily.

Not only do you get a deeper understanding of your target audience, but you can also link them to relevant areas of your website.


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If you have nowhere to send them anywhere, you know the next piece of content to create.

7. Enable push notifications

Enable Instagram push notifications

Expand your reach of all these linking methods by having your followers enable Instagram push notifications for posts, IGTV and stories.

This is a somewhat hidden function.

Your audience needs to click the Follow button, click Notifications, and then sign up.

After that, they will receive a notification on their phone every time you post new content of this type.


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If you can get this opt-in for a small portion of your audience too, you will surely get Instagram KPIs, including sessions.

How do you get the opt-in?

You could run an elaborate incentive campaign.

Or you can just ask.

You’d be surprised how many people respond to a direct request to sign up on social media.

But if you get the opt-in, respect it.

If your posts are worth notification, the opt-out is likely quick and the relationship with that follower permanently damaged.

8. Partner of Instagram influencers

What if:

  • Don’t have a big Instagram presence?
  • Do you get very few views on your post or IGTV?
  • Can’t link stories?

As you work on it, work with a brand ambassador who has the reach.

Not only can this reinforce your brand message, but your sessions as well.

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram – but a high number of followers is not enough.


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Think about how the audience will orientate themselves towards yours and how your brand will get endorsement.

As you draft the agreement, make sure you are providing instructions to the influencer on how to use effective calls-to-action to get their followers to your website.

9. Add action buttons to your Instagram profile

Sometimes it pays to stop and think about it Why You want to direct traffic.

Can you be contacted by phone, email or text?

Maybe it is to book an appointment, reserve a table or buy tickets for an event?

All of these actions and more can be done right on Instagram using profile action buttons.

If you cut out the middle man of your website, you can get more conversions.

Post & Track!

With the right tools and strategies, Instagram can increase traffic for your brand.

However, don’t forget to use UTM tags on all links from Instagram to your website so you get actionable reports on which tactics were the best session drivers.


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