Account Status In MSP Panel? What is that? How does it work?

Account Status is a way of Honoring our best Clients on MSP

Account Status Update - 31 May'20

As of 31 May 2020 We have released New update for our users called ” Account Status “

How does it works?

In Simple terms “Account status is based on the total amount of funds you have added and spent on MSP”

According to that you will be given the tag.

Here is the Explaination :

Newbie – Fund Added upto 5000₹ ( 75$)

Silver Member – Fund Added upto 25000₹ (300$)

Gold Member – Fund Added upto 50000₹ (700$)

Premium Member- Fund Added upto 100000₹ (1500$)

Elite Member- Fund Added upto 500000₹ (7000$)

Premium Vip Member – Fund Added upto 1000000₹ (12000$)





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