Best Speech-to-Text Software (Our Pick)

Speech to Text software is a technology that converts the spoken word into text. Speech to text hears the sound and then presents the words you are telling you as text.

There are so many voice and text software out there that are very easy to use. If you’d like, let’s examine some of these together. We have divided them into paid and open source products so there are no fees. We’ll start with the paid ones before moving on to the free ones.

paid speech to text software

Here are some of the paid speech-to-text software we’ve selected for you. We hope you can find the one that is tailored to your needs.

Dragons everywhere

Dragon Anywhere is available for iOS and Android devices. It is not a “lite” application, it is cloud-based software.

Dragon Anywhere offers constant dictation. It listens to you all the time and transcribes what you say until you stop. In addition, the application adapts to the way you speak over time, increasing the accuracy of the words it converts to text. In addition, it can send emails, share the document converted to text, and turn off the microphone.

Because it is a cloud-based application, you can use Dragon Anywhere to work on another document at the same time. Since this is a cloud-based application, you will also need an internet connection.

Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional is an application that offers great business opportunities. It was created by targeting professional users. In addition to converting your statements to text, you can also use your voice to navigate the Internet.

It has an accuracy rate of 99%. Up to 160 words per minute can be written. This is especially helpful for professionals and freelancers. The application interface is straightforward, but a helpful tutorial can help you run into a problem.

Braina Pro

In addition to being a transcription application, Braina is also a personal digital assistant that allows you to perform various tasks on your computer. In addition to transcribing, it also has features such as browsing the web, playing songs and videos, opening programs and websites, setting the alarm, reading an e-book, and supporting more than 100 languages. With an accuracy rate of up to 99%, you can convert your statements into text three times faster than you can.

Once installed on your Windows operating system, just using your voice is enough to do what you want for you. It’s effortless to install and has a very simple interface. You can also download Braina’s Android and iOS apps to your phone, use your phones to dictate text to your computer remotely, or play music on your home computer while you’re on the go! There is also a 7-day trial version that you can try before you buy.

Note: You must have Google’s Chrome browser installed on your computer and internet connection for the application’s functionality to work.

Transcribe Amazon

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is a large cloud-based speech recognition platform designed for applications. The software aims for maximum accuracy even in the noisiest environments. It has features such as self-puncturing and formatting. Also, numbers can be converted to numbers instead of words.

It recognizes the words and phrases that the user uses frequently and adds them to their vocabulary. You can use this to increase the accuracy of technical terminology or contact names. If you want, you can edit a list of words to remove from transcripts. For example, if you include abusive words that you don’t want to use in your text, they will be automatically deleted from the text.

If you want, you can convert what you just said to text or use your existing voice recordings. It can convert an audio file sent from communication centers into a single text of speech. Amazon Transcribe adds a timestamp to each word so you can easily find a word or phrase in the original recording.

Amazon Transcribe’s automatic speech recognition feature recognizes the voices of different people and reflects them in the text. For example, if you are in a meeting, any recognized sound will be correctly correlated with the text.


Verbit is software for companies and educational institutions. Used for transcription and subtitling. It can reduce background noise, recognize terms, understand the accent on the speaker, and distinguish between speakers. Besides, it has an accuracy rate of 99%. It has a flexible cloud system and includes customizable templates. Provides full visibility of files being processed in real time. It can also be used with various video programs.

Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

It is a cloud-based service that promises advanced speech recognition and helps you convert it to text using various sound sources. It has more than 85 language options. You can also add various technical terms such as product names, personal names, and technical information to the dictionary. There are also customization options for different accents and background sounds. You can use speaker diary to find out who said what and when. Microsoft Azure also gives you automatic formatting and punctuation! Because it’s cloud based, you can view your data anywhere and use Microsoft Azure Speech to Text anywhere!

Free speech for text software

We are now presenting our tips for freedom of speech for text software. With these you get great service without any fee.

Google Gboard

All you have to do is install the Google keyboard on your Android or iOS device! Then you have a speech-to-text application to use! It is originally designed as a keyboard, but it also includes a voice input option. With voice commands you can trigger pictures in your text. It also works with Google Translate and has 60+ language options.


This application is operated by Google. Speechnotes is another very easy to use speech application. No need to create an account or sign in. Just go to the app and tap the microphone icon. Whenever you record a note with a voice command, you must use your voice or keyboard as the punctuation mark. There is no automatic punctuation function.

Another feature is that you can add frequently used texts like names and signatures for times when you want to use them quickly by using special keys on the keyboard. There are also many options for font and font size. There is also a browser version for Google Chrome.

Just press record

Just Press Record can record audio with one click, convert your statements to text and has iCloud sync function. It is extremely easy to use and suitable for people of all walks of life. One click is enough to save a note! It has unlimited recording time.

The words you say turn into text quickly. You can then edit the document that you converted. There are more than 30 language options. Recognizes punctuation commands. It’s a cloud-based application and you can access your files from any device with an internet connection.

FAQ on Best Speech to Text Software

What is the best text free speech software for me? How can i know?

Speech-to-text software varies depending on the purpose. Based on the features listed above, you can choose the best software for your purpose.

Does Microsoft Word have a dictation area?

Microsoft Word has a dictation function. You can convert your voice to text with your microphone.

What does speech-to-text software do?

Speech to Text allows you to convert what you are saying to text without using a keyboard.

How does the speech to text software work?

It analyzes the sounds and identifies the characters that match the sounds spoken.

Is it faster than typing?

It sure is. The use of speech-to-text software cuts writing time in half. This leads to better productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Conclusion on the best speech-to-text software

In this article, we’ve listed the highest paid and free speech text software that you can use. We hope we could help. To say a few more words, we believe that knowledge of software is of vital importance. To underline this claim, we would like to share with you our top selection of the best YouTube downloaders. See if you agree with our previous statement.

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