Can you send an iMessage (A Guide)

Sometimes cell phone users can send a message to the wrong person or regret the message they sent to someone. In applications like WhatsApp it is possible to send a message. If you stick with the message you sent on WhatsApp and click the “Delete for All” option, the message will not be sent. However, this is not possible with normal messages. iMessage is different from regular messages that you can send using your phone number. Find out what iMessage is and how Send an iMessage, Continue reading!

What is an iMessage?

There is another option for iPhone users to send a text message using a Wi-Fi connection or personal hotspot. At this point, iPhone users don’t need a network to send an iMessage if they have an internet connection. Also, iMessages do not reflect users’ bills.

In addition, sending image files through the other messaging applications will degrade the quality of the files. However, IMessage does not affect the quality of the files at all.

You can send text messages, pictures, videos, voice messages, emojis, and iMessage stickers. You can also add various topics to your messages. Hence, it can be said that iMessage has more advantages than using regular text messages.

how to lower a message

How to send an iMessage

Unfortunately, once the iMessage has been delivered, there is no way to take it back. However, there is a hack you can use before the message is delivered. As mentioned earlier, iMessage uses an internet connection to send messages. Once you hit the “Submit” button you should open the control panel by scrolling down the page and clicking “Airplane Mode”.

Clicking the Airplane Mode button will break your phone’s internet connection. This means that you have a time limit before the message is delivered. Once your Internet connection is lost, the person will not receive the message until you resend the Internet connection.

FAQ about sending a message

FAQ about sending an iMessage

If I delete a text message from my iPhone, will the message be deleted from the recipient’s phone?

Unfortunately not. The recipient will receive a copy of the text message and should delete the message.

Can I send an iMessage before the recipient reads it?

You can’t do that with the iPhone. However, mobile applications offer this service to their users. You can check them out.

How can I delete my message from another device?

As mentioned in previous questions, some applications offer this service. If you don’t use any of them, the only thing you can do is delete them from their phones manually.

Can someone else read my deleted messages?

The iPhone doesn’t have a message recovery service unless the messages are backed up. There are various mobile applications for recovering deleted messages. If they don’t use any of them, they won’t be able to read your deleted messages.

Can I remove the “Read” notification from my messages?

You can deactivate the “Reading” defined under “Settings” on your phone. As a result, the recipients don’t know if you’ve seen the message.

Conclusion on sending an iMessage

Even Apple doesn’t allow you to send an iMessage. You can learn a trick to remove them from this article. If you want to work on this, you should be quick before the message is delivered. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions about not sending an iMessage. Hopefully you have been helpful! On the other hand, you need the app in order to be able to use this trick on iMessage. Follow our instructions in our other article to get iMessage on PC.

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