Earn money by reselling smm services. Child Panel System

A child panel is a panel with a limited selection of features that is linked to one of your regular panels such as Msp-panel.com

Child panel gives you access to setup your own payment modes and sell services at a higher rate to the customers.

For Example – At MSP you get 1000 Likes at 10 Rupees. You can sell the same package at 20 Rupees on your panel. Everything is automated and All you need to do is maintain balance in MSP account. Once your customer orders the orders will be automatically sent to MSP and the difference amount which is your profit is left with you.

How does Child Panel works? – Features and Facts about Child Panels.

It will cost you Rupees 2000 per month. Please note, you paying for the panel, not for services, you have to pay for the services you will purchase from Msp-panel.com
It will take 3-6 hrs to activate your child panel if you changed your name server perfectly.

Process –

You just need a domain name to start a child panel.

If you have a domain, you can simply change your domain name server and point it to

ns1.perfectdns.com ns2.perfectdns.com

After you successfully changed the name server, you can submit an order for the child panel

Once your panel is setup login to the admin side with the password you provided

You can simply go to https://yourdomain.com/admin/settings/providers and you will find out the option to connect your panel with Msp. You can a key to connect your panel with Msp. This key you will find out on settings of your Msp account.

You can visit https://yourdomain.com/admin/settings/payments – Add method – Choose Payment Method


Your customers will never know about MSP. They will place an order on your website and your order will automatically place to Msp under your user account. So do not worry about this. Your panel will be completely white-labeled.

Please note there is no Refund. But you can cancel or terminate your child panel any time by creating a ticket with us.

You can start a child panel by clicking here