Google highlights the best shopping deals in search results

Google highlights top shopping deals in search results to improve visibility for retailers while ensuring customers get the best prices available.

In a number of related updates, Google is making it easier and faster to apply product advertisements, attract new customers, and gain critical insights.

And yes, these updates all apply to the free shopping deals that Google launched earlier this year.

Highlight promotions in the search results

Promotions are now available to all US retailers. According to Google, they’re much easier to use for the holiday shopping season.

Previously, retailers had to fill out an interest form to be eligible to use promotions in the Merchant Center. Now promotions are automatically activated for all eligible US retailers.

Retailers can edit promotions right in the Merchant Center, and the average approval time has been reduced from days to hours.

These updates provide the opportunity to better respond to customer demand, e.g. B. conduct a flash sale or extend the period of existing promotions.

Promotional products appear in multiple places in Google and contain various annotations like the one shown in the example below.

Google highlights the best shopping deals in search results

Google will highlight advertised products on the following surfaces:


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  • Ads in Google Shopping
  • Free offers in Google Shopping
  • Google Images (only for phones)
  • Local inventory displays in search results

Customers don’t have to spend too long searching for deals either, as a new “On Sale” filter is added to the “Shopping” tab on mobile and desktop.

This filter includes product inventory in ads and free offers that are advertised or offered for sale, making it easier to find products at competitive prices.

Google highlights the best shopping deals in search results

Additionally, shoppers looking for a specific product can see which retailer is offering that item for sale in the product knowledge section.


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Google emphasizes that all US retailers can take advantage of these updates “whether you advertise with us or not”.

Further insights into the reporting

Google is rolling out an update in November to help retailers better report on products and promotions on sale.

In order to use the reporting features, retailers need to label their sales or promotional inventory with custom labels.

Reports collect data on impressions and clicks for marked products in shopping ads and free product lists.

Data can then be used to evaluate performance and make adjustments if necessary.

Useful shopping statistics

There are a number of shopping stats included in Google’s announcement that retailers may find useful.

  • 58% of US vacation shoppers will withhold gift items until they are sold.
  • 40% of global buyers say they turn to Google for the best deal.
  • 58% of US vacation shoppers made a purchase in the last holiday season from at least one brand they didn’t have before.
  • 65% of US vacation shoppers start shopping early to avoid out-of-stock items.


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For more information on implementing promotions, please visit Google’s help page here.

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