Google recommends permanent URLs for Black Friday pages

Google recommends using permanent URLs for Black Friday pages instead of creating new URLs for each annual sale.

Google shared that advice in a set of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday page best practices, plus five additional recommendations.

Here’s more information on the benefits of using recurring URLs, as well as an overview of Google’s other advice for the upcoming shopping event.

Recurring URLs for Black Friday pages

The Christmas shopping season kicks off the day after Thanksgiving each year – also known as Black Friday – with significant discounts from thousands of retailers.

Every year brings new sales, but it shouldn’t bring new sales pages.

The short-lived nature of Black Friday sales may lead some website owners to believe that adding new pages each year and removing them later is the best course of action.


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However, this isn’t ideal for Black Friday pages or websites.

Here’s specifically what Google recommends:

Use a recurring URL, no new url for each occurrence of the event. Give the landing page of recurring events a meaningful URL that reflects the event used each year (e.g. use / sale / black-friday, not / sale / 2020 / black-friday). “

Why does Google recommend recurring URLs?

Because recurring URLs allow websites to build link equity.

Link Equity refers to the SEO value of a link that is gained over time.

URLs create link fairness when other pages link to them.

The longer a URL is on the web, the more link equity it can gain.


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And the more link equity a page has, the greater its potential to rank in search results.

An older URL with a moderate amount of link equity has a much better chance of ranking above a newly published page with no link equity.

Instead of creating new pages for Black Friday every year, keep using the same URL as suggested by Google.

Additional recommendations for Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday

Here are the rest of Google’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday best practices.

These are recommendations for retailers that Google can use to highlight and display sales events in search results.

  1. Publish early: Create the Black Friday sales page well in advance of the sale so Googlebot has time to discover and index it.
  2. Follow standard SEO best practices: For the latest information on the most important aspects of search engine optimization today, see the Search Engine Journal’s complete SEO guide here.
  3. Create internal links to the landing page: Link to the Black Friday landing page from other pages on the site, in particular the home page. This will help convey its importance to Google and help visitors find the page faster.
  4. Include a relevant, high quality image: Provide a static picture of an actual representation of your sale. Google recommends trimming spaces around the edges of the image and making sure the image is visually appealing and of good quality.
  5. Get the landing page redrawn: If the landing page has updated with new or additional content, ask Google to redraw the page so your content will update faster.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

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