How do I promote your Instagram? (Effective ways)

Instagram is a very popular platform for sharing photos and videos. Instagram, where millions of users share content, has become a digital marketing giant. Thanks to Instagram, you can sell your product or service or your content. Influencers and business accounts don’t just get followers. They get rich by selling on Instagram. On the platform with so many users, companies and influencers are in a constant race to stand out. In fact, it isn’t that difficult to stand out from trends, produce your own content, advertise, and get attention by using correct strategies. What are these strategies? So let’s give you some tips on how to promote your Instagram account.

To be visible, first make sure your profile is public and switch your Instagram account to a business account.

Switch to a business account;

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile area.
  • Click on Edit Profile.
  • Select Switch to Professional Account and follow the instructions.

Just follow the same steps to get back to personal account.

Profile and content

Complete your profile. Remember that your username, profile photo, and bio represent you and your brand. Make sure your profile reflects you. You can use your brand’s logo on your profile photo. It is possible to add your website link and provide an informative summary in the bio section. You should add your phone number, address, or email information so your followers, audiences, and prospects can reach you. Create an original, informative, and catchy profile.

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Creating high quality, unique, informative, and interesting content is the most important part of digital marketing strategies. Regardless of how you promote your Instagram account, people will be most interested in your content. After creating your content, use effects and filters when posting on Instagram. Follow the trends, your target group and your competitors. Analyze which posts are liked the most.

Collaboration and interaction

Collaboration and interaction

Interact with your followers. Like and comment on the posts of your followers. Reply to their comments and listen to their opinions. This will help you gain people’s trust, strengthen your relationship, and allow for more interaction. Your followers’ interactions with your profile can be viewed by their followers and allow you to reach more people.

Share user generated content. User generated content is one of the best ways to increase the advertising and reach of your account. You can organize competitions and sweepstakes. Make the interaction a pleasure to promote your account and stand out from the Instagram algorithm.

Follow and interact with Instagram influencers. Working with influencers can really improve your visibility on Instagram. You can ask them to share your content or products. Interacting with influencers is a huge benefit for you or your brand.

Tags on Instagram

Use tags

Using hashtags is very important to promote your Instagram account. Make sure to use relevant and popular hashtags in your posts and stories to make your account stand out. Find popular hashtags and even create your own hashtag based on your brand as a marketing strategy. By using hashtags, you can increase your target audience and customer potential, and your content and brand reach more people. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your posts. However, we do not recommend entering 30. This distracts you from looking professional.

Location tags can help your prospects see your business. Users who click on the location tag will see the search results page with all the content tagged at the location on Instagram. So they can easily access your content.

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Use Instagram features

Use Instagram features

Instagram has different functions. A new feature continues to be introduced every day. Using these features wisely can help you promote your Instagram account significantly. You can reach more people by using these features.

Stories: Your photo only lasts for 24 hours and will disappear on its own when the time is up. However, you can pin your stories to your profile by adding them to “Highlights”. Users enjoy watching Instagram stories. By using this feature regularly, you can promote your account.

IGTV: It has become an area brands operate in. By including social televisions like Instagram TV in your marketing strategies, you will get more feedback on your work on Instagram.

Roll: Create creative and fun video clips by adding sounds, music, effects and various tools on Instagram for up to 15-30 seconds. It’s a great feature to get more involved with the Instagram algorithm and improve your rankings.

IG Live Videos: It’s a very effective strategy for increasing engagement. Communicate live with your followers. Answer their questions. Get their opinion. It makes people trust you and find you sincere, and helps you reach more viewers.

Posting and timing

Be active and make sure you post 1 to 2 posts and stories every day. If you’re active, you’ll get noticed and keep your profile up to date. Successful influencers and companies post regularly.

The timing is very important for the release. Monitor your target audience and identify when they are active. Users are typically active in the afternoons and evenings. Posting while users are active makes you more visible and helps promote your account. Check out our article to learn the best time to post on Instagram.

Advertising on Instagram


Advertising on Instagram can increase your potential customers, your sales and your brand awareness. Your ad will appear in the feed and reach people with ease. Advertising for a fee is one of the most popular advertising methods.

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In addition, you can securely buy followers or likes without revealing your password. This is another way to stand out.

FAQs for promoting your Instagram

How do I get followers on Instagram?

There are many ways to increase your number of followers on Instagram. However, if you are looking for the most reliable and fastest way to go, you can choose websites that are selling reliable followers.

How many people can I follow on Instagram in one day?

The following limit on Instagram is 7500 people. You cannot send follow requests to more than 7,500 people per day.

What is Instagram Explore?

It is a system that allows users to include visual and video content in the browse section. Photos and videos in the Browse area are instantly viewed by millions of people, increasing the number of people the accounts will heavily interact with.

How do I stand out on Instagram Explore?

To stand out from Instagram Explore, you first need to have a certain number of followers and likes. The more your followers count, the more likely you are to stand out on Explore. Use useful strategies.

How many days does a temporary Instagram block last?

It’s limited and varies between 24 and 48 hours depending on the reason for the blockage.

In short, promoting your IG

We have provided some ideas for promoting your Instagram account. Applying these strategies and creating your own strategies will increase your brand awareness and reach more people. You will be rewarded for being patient and consistent. If you liked our article, we encourage you to read our other articles on social media platforms.

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