How to Approve iPhone from PC

I’m trying to approve iPhone from the pc but unable to achieve this? If that’s the problem, this article is the only guide you need.

When it comes to updating an iDevice, Apple pays particular attention to data protection measures. This is exactly why you may encounter problems updating an iDevice. Well, don’t fret like in this article, we mentioned three different ways that will help Approve your iPhone against the mistake ‘approve this iPhone‘. Read along and find a suitable method that works for your device.

1. Approve iPhone from PC by disabling iCloud Keychain

How to Approve iPhone from PC

  • Discard window “approve this iPhone“By clicking the button”Cancel”.
  • Visit Settings on your device.
  • Click on the “Apple ID”.
  • Now you need your “iCloud keychain”.
  • Then restart your iPhone device by turning it off.
  • Visit the settings on your device again.
  • Click on the option “Apple ID” and then, “iCloud”.
  • Now switch the option “iCloud keychain” again.
  • Then try the window “approve this iPhone”.

2. Approve iPhone from PC by disabling authentication

How to Approve iPhone from PC

  • Skip screen “approve this iPhoneClick on the option “Cancel”.
  • Visit Settings on your iPhone, then your Apple ID.
  • Select the option “Two-factor authentication“From the tab”Password & security“.
  • Now deactivate the option “Two-factor authentication”.
  • Reset your iCloud and iTunes account password.
  • You will receive an email about the authentication.
  • Now click on the link to deactivate it.
  • Now repeat the option “approve this iPhone”Via the red flag in the phone’s settings. This will approve your device.

3. Approve the iPhone from the PC using the verification code

How to Approve iPhone from PC

  • Open your iCloud account on your iPhone.
  • Visit the settings on this device
  • Click against the “Apple ID”.
  • Now press the option “Password & security”.
  • Then click on the button “Get confirmation code”.
  • A verification code will now appear on the screen. Tap the “OK”.
  • Now go back to your iPhone device. The window with the inscription “approve this iPhone”.


How do I wait for approval on my iPhone?

Go to Keychain and tap Approve with Security Code. Then tap Forgot Passcode when prompted for the 4-digit iCloud security code. Follow the instructions on your screen to reset the code.

How long should it take to set up a new iPhone?

It would probably take 30-45 minutes to transfer apps, email, photos and videos from the backup.


Here’s how to approve an iPhone from a PC. Just follow any of the above ways to approve your iPhone and you will be able to restore your device with ease.


However, approving iPhone from PC with a verification code is the easiest way to remove the Approve This iPhone window.

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