How to block a website in Chrome

Blocking access to various websites while using Google Chrome is very important to improve the internet experience. There may be young internet users who need protection. You may know that a particular site someone is using doesn’t want to be downloaded to their computer. There can be many reasons for blocking a website on Chrome.

Block a website on Chrome

There are several ways you can block a website in Chrome. You can use an extension that will make the flour for you or configure it manually. Extensions can easily be turned off and more extensions can run, while simplifying website blocking, which can slow your internet down. Let’s configure this manually.

  1. Open Chrome and select the menu items in the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings and then Advanced Settings.
  3. Under Network, select Change proxy settings.
  4. This will open the Windows Internet Properties window.
  5. Select Prohibited Sites at the top and click the Sites button below it.
  6. Add the URLs of the websites you want to block, then click Add.
  7. After adding the sites, click Close and OK.
  8. Restart the blocks for them to take effect.

You can add any website or social network webpage to the URL list and the browser will not display or allow access to the homepage of that website. There are a few other ways you can make browsing Chrome safer. Let’s look at them now.

with chrome extension

Use the Chrome Extension

Another way to block websites is to add a Chrome extension. It’s a simple and powerful method. This is a great way to whitelist and blacklist the websites you want. It also offers the ability to automatically block website extensions that contain certain words. There are many website blocking programs available in Chrome, most of which are free. You can make your internet safer by downloading one. So what more can we do to make the internet safer? There are of course other examples as well.


VPN creates an encrypted bridge between your computer and the VPN server. Anyone watching your internet traffic will not see what you are doing or where you are going. Many secure VPN providers also don’t keep logs.

Check the JavaScript

JavaScript is widely used on the Internet to provide interactive functionality to websites. Chrome lets you disable JavaScript and then add specific websites to the list to enable it. This greatly increases Chrome security. Blocking JavaScript is a powerful way to secure Chrome. However, adding your favorite websites to the list takes a bit of work.

Chrome settings for advanced security

There are a few other improvements you can make to make Chrome more secure.

  1. In the top right corner of Chrome, click the menu option.
  2. Select Settings and then Advanced Settings.
  3. Choose advanced sync settings, encrypt encrypted data with your password, and change encryption options.
how to block a website in chrome on the phone

How to block a website in Chrome on phone

If you want to block a website on the phone, you can’t do it directly from the Chrome website. You need an application to block websites. Most of the apps are free and easy to use. You can back up your phone by downloading one. You will be prompted to turn on Device Access after you download an application. It is a mandatory step to run the application. Once you allow it, the application will run successfully.

How to unblock your blocked websites

Click on your extension and go to Extension Settings. Click the red “-” on the blocked websites to remove them from the block list. That’s all; This will remove the website from the blacklist.

FAQ about blocking a website in Chrome

How do I permanently block a website?

To permanently block websites, you need to download a blocking application.

Why does the block app suddenly stop working?

The accessibility feature turns off automatically from time to time on some Android devices. This is a fault in the telephone system.

Installed the extension; where is it?

Sign in to Chrome and click the puzzle icon in the top right corner. Extensions are displayed below this.

How do I fix “Not on This Page” issue in Incognito Mode?

When you browse a website in incognito mode, the website is blocked and you are redirected to a new tab. All you have to do is go to a new webpage and the problem will be solved.

Do websites block apps steal my information?

It is impossible to say that it is not stealing information. Be sure to use a quality application.

Bottom line on blocking a website in Chrome

Website blockers help you save time and protect you from harmful websites. There will always be ways to bypass existing technology and access blocked websites, but it is up to you to follow the rules that you have set for yourself. Once you follow these instructions, you will be able to block websites in Chrome. And if for some reason this doesn’t work, you can always try updating Chrome to see if the problem persists.

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