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There was a time when you would send cold emails that were abandoned and prayed they would end up somewhere.

Well, these days are behind us. Today you can check the validity of an email address by sending a test email.

Yes, it can be a hassle to send a test email to verify every damn email address. Fortunately, you don’t have to go down this route to verify every email address on your mailing list.

This article shows you how to verify email addresses without sending email.

Isn’t it better to send 100 emails to verified email addresses than to send 500 outbound messages to unverified email?

To make sure your email ends up in the inbox, you’ll need to verify an email address before sending an email. I have listed two methods for doing this.

How to verify email addresses without sending an email

We’re glad you asked. I’ve listed a few different options for checking email addresses without sending an email.

Method 1: manually check each email address

If you use Email Verification or Email Verification on Google, there are tons of free options to verify an email address without sending an email. But stood out.

It’s a free website that allows you to quickly check whether an email is valid or not in milliseconds.

To test it yourself, do the following:

Step 1: Go to

How to check the email address without sending an email

Step 2: Enter the email address you want to verify.

Step 3: Invalid e-mail addresses are displayed with “Bad” and confirmed e-mail addresses with “OK”.

This method of verifying an email address without sending an email works well if you are only sending a few emails at a time, as it is quite simple.

Try Method 2 when you want to check the validity of a series of emails.

Method 2: Email Finder Tool

To save time, you need to find a tool that will automatically verify your email address instead of going through the extra verification steps.

An ideal tool would be one that gives you the ability to review emails as you upload your list. You should only be billed for up-to-date and verified email addresses.

Wiza is an amazing tool that finds and verifies email addresses, but it’s best used in conjunction with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It verifies email addresses while pulling lead data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You need a Sales Navigator account for this, but you will only receive verified email addresses.

Here’s how you can verify email addresses with Wiza:

How to check the email address without sending an email

Step 1: Open minded and log in.

Step 2: Upload your CSV file with the people you want to search email addresses for.

Step 3: Select “Process List” and then “Delete and Find E-Mails”.

Step 4: Once the search is over, you can download your verified email addresses. You can even port them to your CRM.

frequently asked Questions

Is there a way to verify an email address?

The easiest way to verify an email address is to send a test email. If there is no further attempt at delivery, ie if it bounces off, the recipient does not exist.

What is a valid example of an email address?

Before composing an email, you should know a valid email address. It consists of an email prefix and an email domain, both of which should be in acceptable formats. The prefix should be the. appear left of @ Symbol.

The domain appears to the to the right of the @ Symbol. For example, in the address, “abc” is the email prefix and “” is the email domain.

Which button do you click to reply to an email?

If you want to answer only to the sender an email message, do one of the following:

  • When the message is open and you can see its contents on the Message tab, in the Reply group, click Reply.
  • With the message selected but not opened in its own window on the Standard toolbar, click Reply.

Which is correct, ‘Please find the attachment’ or ‘Please find the attachment?

If you mentioned a specific file, write ‘the’; if not, avoid using ‘the’. You can just write “Please find attached.”


These are the two methods that you can use to verify the email address without sending an email. The first method is great for checking the validity of some emails, while the second will help you check more than a few emails.

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