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Do you want to buy a new iPhone or replace the old one with a new model?

Well, whatever the case, make sure you are getting an original model before buying. And to help you distinguish a fake iPhone from a real one, we have included a guide at the bottom of this article to help you identify a fake iPhone from the original iDevice.

This article will teach you how to check if the iPhone is original or not using IMEI.

How to check the iPhone’s IMEI number

Since every phone has a unique IMEI, you can check the authenticity of your device using the IMEI number. To do this, enter * # 06 # on the keyboard or navigate to Settings-> About-> General.

How to use IMEI to check if the iPhone is original

You can also find the IMEI number on the back of the purchase box. However, since these boxes are on the verge of fake, it is always recommended to check the IMEI number by navigating to Settings.

The IMEI number is also printed on the SIM tray of older iPhone versions. Also, the IMEI number is printed on the back of the device, and this is the case with most iPhones and other iOS devices.

frequently asked Questions

How can I check if my iPhone is original or not?

You can use your IMEI number to check the authenticity of your devices.

Do fake phones have IMEI numbers?

Every phone has a unique IMEI number. You can spot a fake IMEI number by showing information about a mode other than your original device.

Can you change the IMEI number?

An IMEI number is a 15-digit number that is printed on the back of your phone. It’s also located on the mobile packing box and is typically used to track the device if it is lost or stolen. An IMEI number can never be changed or replaced.

Can an iPhone have two IMEI numbers?

Yes, if you have a dual SIM device you can have 2 IMEI numbers.


So this was all to check that the iPhone with IMEI is original. When buying a new iPhone directly from the Apple Store or authorized retailers, use the iDevice’s IMEI number to verify authenticity.

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