How to create your own SMM panel?

Do you need more likes or followers for your Instagram Page or Facebook Page or Youtube? As per our knowledge, there are two types of people known in this world. One is the business type and the other one is hard-working. The people who are willing to work hard and gain likes, followers, shares make an effort to reach the heights. They do every possible thing starting from making posters, banners, marketing to sharing with friends, and posting it everywhere, etc. By doing these activities you will surely receive success and get a huge count of followers, and likes and make your business profitable. But there’s a 10% probability that you may not get the decided followers, likes, shares, and subscribers. Performing these activities is time-consuming also. You need to work harder, keep on posting constantly, and generating traffic over social media platforms, etc.

But if you want to take off your flight in speed and also with security, then you have landed over the correct place.  For the people, who are willing to make business in a short span can approach Social Media Marketing Panel. The Social Media Marketing Panel will help you to build your own SMM Panel, no more sharing with your friends and asking them to like and share with their contacts. If you genuinely need youtube views, TikTok followers, Instagram followers, or Facebook likes then this article is for you so that you can gain likes, followers, views in one go by creating your own Social Media Marketing Panel. Before getting to know about How to create your own SMM panel? Firstly, you need to understand what is the SMM panel? So scroll down and understand the meaning of SMM panel.

What is SMM Panel?


Social Media Marketing Panel is the marketplace where people purchase social media services like Youtube views, TikTok followers, Instagram followers, and Facebook likes. The SMM provides the social media marketing script, you have to order the management scripts as per your convenience. Accordingly, you will get a bunch of likes, followers.

The SMM panel works simply and easily. It usually fetches you likes and followers as per your mentioned category. Don’t think much, SMM panel is easy to understand, and it offers you the services within the best price. Hence, this is a short definition and explanation about What is SMM panel? To gain more information about SMM panel stay on this article and read out every section carefully, also note it for your reference ahead. The section will represent short information about How does SMM panel works? Check the information given below.

How does SMM panel work?

The SMM panel works as an order management script. There are two ways to start the SMM panel, the first one is to purchase the social media services and resell it and another way is to build a powerful script for reselling your services. Below are the steps mentioned about the working of the SMM panel:

The following are the steps in which the SMM panel works:


  1. Sign-up with the best company providing the SMM panel services.
  1. Check for the features and the pricing of the SMM panel services.
  1. Place a new order by adding the desired amount via PayPal or credit card.
  1. After placing the order a new page will be displayed, the page will ask to fill some details like category, the number of followers, or views you need.
  1. Select the type of order you are looking for and submit it.
  1. After submitting the order, you have to wait for some time until your order is approved by the seller.
  1. Hence, the order summary will be displayed showing the status of your order like pending, error, fail, approved.

In the above section, we have mentioned the steps on how the SMM panel works? In the coming section, we will brief you about the reasons for using the SMM panel. You should include these reasons while creating your own SMM panel.

Reasons For Using The SMM Panel


  1. Schedule the posts: Purchasing the SMM package will help to schedule the posts and on the scheduled date, it will be posted over social media automatically. You don’t have to constantly keep posting over the social media, just create the posts and draft it on the scheduled date.
  1. SEO score checker: The SMM panel who are providing the SEO score checker, should be selected. Remember attractive content, best-selected keywords always invite the audience to your website or any social media post.
  1. Save time and take off fast: To increase your business and gain the target audience within less amount of time will be helpful for you. So selecting the best SMM panel who is willing to promote your business in less time with minimum marketing period is beneficial.
  1. Support: Professional support is important and it should be included in the company package itself. Your websites and posts will receive likes and shares due to strong professional support. The professional SMM will attract your target audience and will make them like and share your post.
  1. Cost-Effective: The SMM panel will provide you with a bunch of likes and followers within a fair price. You just need to make a payment as per the payment method mentioned and the SMM panel will handle the rest.
  1. Brand Popularity: If you own the business, and want to make the brand popular then you can opt to visit the SMM company package, which will help you in growing the business.
  1. Welcome more Business opportunities: The SMM Panel will help you to find and approach more business opportunities through the click-rates. The SMM panel will suggest you the difference between the potential likes.

In the above section, we have mentioned 7 reasons for using the SMM panel, hence these reasons will help you to approach the SMM panel. Yet you must be thinking about how to select the best and cheap SMM panel.

Criteria For Selecting the Best SMM Panel:


This section has some facts noted that will guide you for selecting the SMM panel services.

  1. Customer Service: If you are willing to buy the SMM panel from the company, then make it a note to check the customer support, which is very important. Check whether the company is willing to provide 24 hours customer service. You can check it by performing some search over their contact us section. If they reply within a few hours, then it’s clear that they are having fast and accurate customer service.
  1. Secured Payment Gateway: This can also be a factor before buying the services from the SMM panel. Check about the payment methods they are using. Also, check whether the payment methods used by them are secured or not.
  1. SSL website: Before registering with any company, check for the site settings, look for the “s” present in Http, but the sites without “s” are not secured. Hence, save yourself from getting phished and check the website settings.
  1. Services: Check for the services before buying any service from the SMM panel. Be sure to check the site reviews before placing an order. The aim is to grow your business, hence every step should be taken carefully. Also, make sure to read every detail clearly about the services and then make any judgment.

Hence, the above are a few criteria set for selecting any SMM panel services. Check them and based on the above criteria list the companies providing the SMM panel services. In the previous sections, we have discussed the reasons, working, and criteria that you need to check before placing an order.

How to create your own SMM Panel?


In this section, we will provide you with some more information about how to create your own SMM panel? Well, it is easy and simple to create your own SMM panel. If you want to create your own SMM panel and don’t want to buy any services then it is possible to create your own SMM panel. Below there is a short note mentioned about How to create your own SMM panel? Although it is a bit difficult to build your create SMM Panel, this may help you and save your servicing cost. You need a couple of things that we have mentioned below. If you are looking forward to create your own smm panel just buy from –

Steps about How to create your own SMM panel?


  1. Create your website


If you want to create your own SMM panel, firstly you need your website. You can code the website or design the website too. If you belong from a computer background then coding a website must be easy for you, but for the non-IT backgrounds, you can easily develop a website using the pre-made code system, where you just need to drag and drop. Also, it’s important to have a domain name for the website. You have to pay for the domain name and the hosting services. Also, there’s one more option available to save your time, you can assign this task to a freelancer who will build a website for you.

  1. Get Paid Ads

Without the paid advertising, the SMM panel isn’t set. In this competitive world, to stand out and make your own brand is a difficult task but if you make requisite efforts then it can be done. You have to keep posting paid ads over social media campaigns, but remember don’t post the add on the same server. If you are posting ads on Facebook, then do not post the Facebook ad on Facebook. Hence this is the second point to be noted for creating your SMM panels.

  1. SEO

Once your client’s website is ranked by Google, then automatically you receive a bunch of followers and likes. Similarly, while creating your own SMM panel make sure that your SMM panel website attracts the audience who are looking for this kind of service. The growth of your SMM panel will increase automatically if you perform Search Engine Optimization. Check for the Digital Marketing courses for the setup of SEO. Hence, SEO is the third important factor that you should note while creating your own SMM panel.

  1. Mark your competitors

The world is full of competition, Competition is negative and positive as well. There are several SMM panels available in the market having a unique script to attract the audience so that the audience can purchase services from them. Hence, to make your SMM Panel ranked, it’s important to check your competitor’s SMM panel and find out the pain points and then design it.

  1. Build strategies

Build some strategies which are different from the other SMM panels. So what you can do is build a perfect and efficient script, and sell your services at cheap costs, so that it is affordable by the audience. Also, once your target audience is achieved then you can proceed further for some updation. This strategy may help you to get referrals from your existing customers. Hence, this one is another tip that you should note before creating your SMM panel .

In the above section, a few tips are mentioned that will help in creating your own SMM panel.


Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned every important point that is required before creating your own SMM panel. Also, we have mentioned what is the SMM panel? How the SMM works? What are the reasons for using the SMM panel? What is the criterion that people look for before selecting the SMM panel? In the end, we have made an effort to explain how to create your own SMM panel? Also, mentioned some tips that will help in building your SMM panel and have also mentioned some tips that will help you to gather the audience for your SMM panel. We recommend you to read the article and follow the same.

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