How to Download Facebook Videos on …

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that not only offers users trending memes, video games and other applications, but also combines entertainment with informative content. That said, Facebook also gives you content on global, national, and local topics that are considered just as important as any other informational media site. It has been reported that there are around 2.80 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of February 2021.

While it is so popular in terms of user and feasibility, it doesn’t offer a direct video download feature so you will have to rely on an additional source when downloading videos from Facebook. What if you find the content of a particular video useful and want to save it for future reference, or if, for example, you don’t have time to watch a video but want to download it for later use? Fortunately, there are ways that you can download Facebook videos to your phone right away.

No longer do you have to bother trying to find ways to download videos from Facebook like here in this article. I am going to describe two extremely handy methods that you can use to download Facebook videos with little effort.

Below are the two workarounds that work amazingly well. Here’s how to download videos from Facebook with ease.

1. Download Facebook videos on mobile devices using Facebook Video Downloader apps

(Recommended app: Video Downloader for FB – Download Facebook Video)

How to download Facebook videos on mobile devices

Out of the myriad of apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be very difficult to find the right one. Video Downloader for FB – Download the Facebook video is among the best apps out there and does exactly what it means to download high quality videos from Facebook and even save Facebook videos right to your phone’s gallery. The feature that sets the app apart from others is the integration of a built-in browser to log into the official Facebook website. The interface is very easy to use and downloading videos is even more fun.

You can easily download the app, it is available for free. There is no type of registration that you need to complete to use this app. Just download the app and you will be good to use it.

To download a specific video from Facebook in this app, you need to first browse the video in the Facebook app, copy the video link and paste it into the area provided in the app. You can choose to download HD video or SD video. Once you choose the same, the app will download it for you.

Highlights of the app:

  • Easy step to paste the link to download FB videos
  • Quickly repost videos to Facebook
  • Search Facebook for FB in the Video Downloader
  • Double the speed to watch FB videos
  • Check videos in full screen and play offline
  • Facebook video downloader without login
  • Free and fast download of high quality videos

Download Video Downloader for FB (Android)

(Recommended app for iPhone users: Friendly social browser)

2. Download Facebook videos online

How to download Facebook videos on mobile devices

Another way to download videos from Facebook is by using an online platform. is certainly the best you can get your hands on. The website is very friendly and helps you download videos comparatively faster. This is how the website works:

Step 1: Right click on the video in your feed or timeline.

Step 2: Then click on “Copy video url at current time”.

Step 3: Now go to and paste the url and hit “Download”.

Step 4: Then click “Download Normal Quality Video” or “Download HD Video” to start downloading the video.

That’s it! You have downloaded your video in a matter of moments.


How can I download Facebook videos on my Android?

You can use any of the above methods to download videos from Facebook.

Why can’t I download videos on Facebook?

Check if the link you copied is recognizable or not. If your app doesn’t recognize the link, update it.

How do I find the URL of a Facebook video on my phone?

How to find the URL of a Facebook video on your phone:

  1. Log into Facebook and find the video that you want to download.
  2. Press down on the post for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Then click on “Copy link address” in the menu.

Which app can I use to download Facebook videos?

Video Downloader for FB – Download Facebook Video Safe is one of the best apps that can help you download Facebook videos.

Is Video Downloader For FB – Download Facebook Video Safe?

Absolutely, the app is completely safe and has a decent 4.6 rating on the Play Store and a large number of downloaders.

How can I download full quality videos from Facebook?

You can use the first workaround. The app allows users to download high quality videos from Facebook.

Is it legal to download Facebook videos?

As long as you’re not using other people’s content for your own benefit, it’s perfectly fine to download Facebook videos. Whenever you want to post a video belonging to someone else to your timeline, you should always consider giving credits to the original creator.

What’s the best url video downloader? is one of the best url video downloaders that can help you download Facebook videos to your phone. It is a trusted source and offers various security policies. That said, you can definitely rely on this particular downloader to download videos from Facebook with ease.


So that’s how you can download it Facebook videos on the phone. Well, Facebook has videos that might be helpful, and it’s perfectly fine to download some of them onto your phone. Using the methods above to do this will save you a lot of time. The next time you come across a video that you find interesting enough to download, you’ll know the sources to rely on.

Which one was more convenient for you to use? Downloading Facebook videos from an app or through a website? Let us know.

Do you know of another way that is as simple as the methods listed above, and then ping about the same in the comments box below?