How to hide apps in Redmi Note 5 Pr …

Not sure how to hide apps in Redmi Note 5 Pro?

We keep installing apps for various purposes. Sometimes they are deleted from the phone when they solve the purpose. However, there are certain uses that we don’t want others to discover.

It could be a game, a dating app – keeping it safe from secret eyes is a job, but it shouldn’t be. You can easily hide the apps with just a few clicks. Let me show you how to do this.

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How to hide apps in Redmi Note 5 Pro

Redmi phones with MIUI can do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Step 2: Find ‘App Lock’ and tap on it.

Step 3: You will see a list of your application. Tap the switch to hide one or more apps.

Step 4: Now if you hide the selected apps, they will be moved to a hidden folder. You won’t see the shortcut to the home screen either as it’s hidden too. Note that the function does not extend to system applications.

Step 5: Spread two fingers and receive a notification to enter your app lock password.

Step 6: Once you have entered the passcode, the hidden apps folder will appear.


Can I hide apps in Redmi Note 5 Pro?

Yes you can. The app lock function will help you.


The option to hide apps in Redmi Note 5 Pro is simple and you don’t need any third-party apps.


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