How to Lock iPhone and iPad Facebook Profile

Facebook recently introduced a privacy feature that allows users to restrict access to the profiles on Facebook. With the new “Block Profile” feature, you can restrict access to profile information for those who are not on your friends list.

Lock Profile is an extension of Profile Picture Guard, a feature that allows users to secure their profile picture so that it cannot be opened, zoomed, downloaded, or shared. With Lock Profile, you can now ensure that anyone who is not friends with you on Facebook cannot see your personal information. The function is very similar to private profiles on Instagram.

How to lock Facebook profile

Currently, Facebook profile lock is only available for certain countries and devices. In India, for example, the function was introduced for Android users. If available, you can visit your profile page, tap the three dots next to the “Add to Story” or “Add Story” button, then tap “Lock Profile” on the “Profile Settings” screen. You will receive a confirmation screen in which you have to tap on “Lock profile” to confirm.

Lock Facebook profile on iPhone, iPad

Lock Facebook profile on iPhone, iPad

If you are from a country where Facebook Profile Lock is available but it is not supported on your device, e.g. For example, on the iPhone in India, you can still lock your Facebook profile from the iPhone via the Facebook web.

To lock the Facebook profile on iPhone if the option is not available in the app, do the following:

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone and navigate to Facebook Web.
  2. Sign in to your Facebook account if you haven’t already.
  3. Navigate to Menu In the upper right corner, select your name (profile) and tap on the three dots next to the Edit Profile button below the profile picture.
  4. If the feature is available in your country you should find it “Block profile” as one of the options from the drop-down list.
  5. Confirm your action by tapping “Lock your profile” on the next screen.
  6. Tap okay to finish the setup.

Note: You can even enable profile lock on Facebook from a computer by opening the web version of Facebook with a mobile user agent. For example, in Chrome, you can go to Facebook, log into your account, and then go to the mobile version by launching it Development tools (F12)click on “Toggle device toolbar”and selecting a device, e.g. iPhone X, Galaxy S5, Pixel 2etc. from the drop-down list. The steps from now on are similar to the instructions from step 3 above.

From now on, people outside of your friends list will only see limited profile content. Your stories and posts, including the public, will all be hidden. Only your friends can see your profile content.

Why Facebook Profile Lock is not available

As mentioned earlier, the Facebook profile locking system is currently only available in limited countries. If you don’t see the “Block Profile” option in your profile, it is possible that the feature has not yet been introduced in your country. For more information on profile locking, see Facebook Help.

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