How to post on Instagram with original signature

One of the best aspects of social media these days is being able to share something with your friends and family. And Instagram, which is itself a social network service for sharing photos and videos.


Mostly doesn’t give you any visible opportunities to repost or share content from your feed. But if you still want to expand your Instagram skills by reposting something that catches your eye, then here are 2 simplified ways for Regram.

  • Take a screenshot from your smartphone and post it on Instagram
  • Repost photos using an app like Repost for Instagram.

How to post on Instagram with original signature

1. How do I repost with a screenshot?

Once you find the post in your feed that you want to share again on Instagram, just press the volume and power buttons at the same time (different buttons for different phones). This will capture the picture of the post you like and save it in your gallery. Then your job is almost done, open the Instagram app and crop the screenshot as you like, add filters if you want, and mark the original Instagrammer for credits. This is how your post will be shared on Instagram.

While this manual route is simple as it sounds, it has certain potholes, one of which is mainly the quality of the post-cut post-processing. And copy or save the caption and hashtags from the original post before you post. Also, it doesn’t work for reposting videos.

To get rid of these potholes, there is a second route to Regram.

2. Repost with apps

Download an app called Repost for Instagram – Regrann which is free and which connects to your Instagram. Plus, the app works with Instagram itself, so you don’t need to sign in.

How to post on Instagram with original signature

After you find the photo or video you want, just follow these simple steps –

  1. In the Instagram app, click the three dots in the top right corner of the post.
  2. Click Copy Share URL (does not work in personal accounts).
  3. Regrann is automatically activated and gives you 4 options – Repost on Instagram, republish for Msp-panel, share and save.
  4. To repost, click the Instagram option that will open the upload screen.
  5. Long press to add the original caption and hashtag and the photo credit will be added to the caption (you can edit the caption if you want).
  6. And then just share it with your followers.

Download repost for Instagram

Make sure that the content remains original and truthful, and if you want to edit it, ask the user to maintain a healthy environment in the first place. So, start by reprogramming the post you like and share it on your Instagram account.