How to Redeem your Points In MSP

As of 31st May 2020, We at MSP have started  a Loyalty program for our customers.

Now you will get points for every dime you spend on the Panel.

How will this work?

Everytime you spend 100rs ( 1.3$) You will get 1 points from MSP

When the points get to 10 points you can redeem them.

For example 

This user of ours has 90 Points that means 90 Rs.

The minimum Redemption amount is 10 Points.

How to Redeem?

Once you have a minimum of 10 points

All you have to do is open a support ticket 

Once you create a ticket You will get your points redeems within 24 Hours. Click here to open support ticket

Thanks for using Msp..



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