How to Schedule Instagram Posts in 5 Steps

Scheduling your Instagram posts in advance is the easiest way to save time on the platform so you can focus on what matters most.

Whether you’re a sole proprietorship or the leader of a multinational team, the more complex your Instagram marketing efforts, the more helpful a planning tool becomes. This is because consistent, high quality content is easier to plan, create, and share when some of the grunt work has been automated.

Of course, everyone has a complex Instagram marketing strategy these days, which means there are a lot of considerations when choosing an Instagram planning tool. Are you using a business or creator profile? Do you need to plan stories? What about video and IGTV? And what level of detail do you need for your analysis?

This article describes the best Instagram scheduling options for business, creator, and regular (also personal) accounts so you can focus more on your bigger goals.

But before we get started, if you haven’t already converted your account to an Instagram Creator Profile or an Instagram Company Profile, read our detailed procedures to help you decide which one works best for you. (If you’d rather stick with a personal account, scroll down to the third section to find out how to schedule your posts.) How to schedule Instagram posts with Creator Studio

If you have a business or creator profile on Instagram, you can use Facebook’s native Creator Studio to create and schedule your posts from your computer desktop.

For influencers with creator accounts, Creator Studio is actually that just Here you can plan your contributions. Instagram developed this tool with influencers in mind. That means the free, no-frills features are geared towards ease of use for growth-minded professionals.

However, if you’re a brand with a business account, or just a power user looking for some extra time-saving “bells and whistles”, you can choose between Creator Studio and any number of third-party tools with more robust tools. Long distance functions. (If you are, skip to the next section.)

To use Creator Studio as an Instagram scheduler, follow these steps:

1. Link your Instagram account to Creator Studio

Go to Creator Studio and follow the instructions (or use the instructions from Facebook) to link your Instagram to Creator Studio.

The steps differ if your Instagram account is already linked to a Facebook page or not.

2. Click Create Post

When you’re all set up, hit Instagram symbol Then click on in the top bar Create a post. Then click Instagram feed.

Note that you also have the option to post on IGTV: here is a separate guide on how to schedule your IGTV videos.

3. Upload your pictures

After you’ve created your post, you can choose a photo to upload as a post to your feed. (You can upload many and make a carousel post, and you can upload videos too).

To do this, click on the blue Add content Click in the gray box and choose a file to upload (or choose a photo from Facebook to share)

This is a good place to mention that there is no content library in Creator Studio, so you cannot store or manage your visual assets or templates here. (Depending on your workflow, this can be a massive or negligible inconvenience.)

4. Craft your post

Now, do your usual magic: write good label, use the right hashtags (up to 24), mark relevant accounts (up to 30), and add your location.

Of course, you can also use emojis.

5. Schedule your contribution

Now is the time to plan. In the lower right corner, click the arrow next to the blue Publish Button and select Time schedule. (You can also click Publish Now or Save as Draft.)

Be warned that Creator Studio doesn’t give you a lot of best time to post pointers. You should check your own Instagram analytics to see when your target audience is online or check out our industry-specific guidelines on the best time to post on Instagram.

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