How to turn off Instagram suggestions

Instagram suggests some pages that we might like and that might interest us. While this incident can be beneficial to some of us, it can annoy some of us. If you don’t want to follow suggested users, you can simply turn off Instagram suggestions so they won’t appear again.

Even so, it can sometimes be a hassle to search through unwanted suggestions. In this article, we provide everything you need to know about deleting your feed using this opt-out feature.

Turn off Instagram suggestions

Turn off Instagram suggestions

You can do this using both your web browser and your phone. First, log into your account. Scroll down your home page until you see a horizontal list of recommended users for you. If you’re sure you don’t want to follow, choose a suggested user’s profile picture or name. Select the “X” in the top right corner of a suggested user box. It will go away immediately. Select “Show All” above the suggested users list to view multiple recommended users and delete them more quickly.

This will take you to a page with all the recommendations. To delete, select the X to the right of a suggested one. After clearing all the suggested ones, you can refresh your page to show new users. Instagram will continue to suggest new users for you to follow.

Hide from suggestions from other users

Hide from suggestions from other users

If you do not want your profile to appear on the recommended list of other users, you should exclude your account from that profile. Hiding your account doesn’t prevent this from happening. First, log into your Instagram account. Switch to your profile by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner. Select settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Similar Account Proposals and uncheck this box. As a result, your account will not appear in the recommended account section of others.

Eliminate suggestions from search results

In the same order as the suggestions from Instagram friends, you will be offered suggestions similar to the searches you made earlier. This can be any word, tag, or account. Sometimes these suggestions are helpful, but sometimes we may not want them to appear. The search results are redesigned with each search. To do this, you have to delete it every time. First, come to the section you are looking for. If you click on the place you were looking for, the previous searches you performed will be shown below. If you hover over these calls and click the cross next to them, they will be deleted from the call log. Some phones show three dots instead of a cross. If you click on the three dots and click Finish or Delete, this article will also be removed from the search area. The text is displayed again with each search. To do this, you need to repeat the same process after searching.

FAQ on how to turn off Instagram suggestions

How do I stop suggested accounts from appearing when I type the first letter of names in the Instagram search bar?

You can’t change this, but you can avoid it. Block any of these accounts by going to their Instagram profiles page.

How can I remove a name that I was looking for before?

Just go to the setting, select “Search History” and clear the search history.

What are suggestions for Instagram people?

Instagram peoples suggestions are suggestions for people who just opened their Instagram account or for users who are following a friend by tagging your account.

How do I turn on Instagram contact suggestions?

You can toggle your suggestions on and off from the Contacts menu under the Instagram Settings tab.

Why are people recommended I don’t know?

The followers of your followers in your Instagram profile can also be offered to you as suggestions. It is offered to you as a suggestion for users who are interested in you.

Bottom line on disabling Instagram suggestions

You have received all the information you need to turn off Instagram contact suggestions and are ready to go. That way, you can both remove the people suggested to you and you won’t appear in the suggestions. Also, remember that you can restrict other things on Instagram for a better user experience. like disabling direct messages on Instagram.

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