How to Use Msp Panel – Full Guide

Add Funds and Place new Order

register on msp panel

Register On Msp Panel

To get started with MSP, Register on panel

Click here to get registered on MSP and start your Social Media Marketing Journey with Us.

add funds

Add Funds.

The most important step to use msp panel is to load your wallet. Click on the add funds button and add funds with any of the payment gateway available

new order

new order

Place New Order

Click the ” New Order ” Button to visit the new order page. Select the category from the first option and the service from the second. Its kind of Menu and Sub-menu. Once You select the suitable service place an order for the sum by clicking the ” yes i confirm the order ” button.

View order history and Support

order history

order history

Order History

After placing your order you can click on the order history button and view your order.

You can your order details by clicking the  (i) button right by the side of the order ID. You can also click cancel or refill the order the button wil show just below the order ID if your order is eligible for refill or cancel. 

Order Status

Completed : Your order is complete. ( We match it with the start and end count )

In progress : Your Order is in process

Cancel : Your order is cancelled and full refund has been initiated.

what is partial status

what is partial status

Partial Status

Partial : Your order is partially completed for example if you purchased 1000 followers for 10$ and the order is partial with 500 as remaining then here we have delivered 500 followers and thus have deducted money for the 500 and refund for the rest 500 that means 5$ is deducted and 5$ is refunded.

How to Cancel Order

You can cancel the order which hold the status as pending and full 100% refund will be given to your msp wallet.

How to Refill Order

You can refill your order if the end count has dropped by using our refill button. ( Refer image )

Ask for support

Support is available mainly through our inbuilt support tickets and whatsapp. To open a ticket all you have to do is visit the support section and create a ticket with your issue or feedback.

For orders enter your order ID and the issue regarding it. 

Upload ScreenShot

Uploading Screenshot on Msp is very easy

Refer the image for detail or read this post to get the information easily – click here

Pay with paytm

Click here to read the full article about how to pay with paytm

Pay with Paypal

Paying with paypal is not a big task. First of all paypal is only available for old customers and users who have verified their govt proof with us. To request paypal access please create a ticket or whatsapp us on +918005509007

Autolikes / Premium Orders / SMS Panel

Autolikes –

What is instagram autolikes / autoviews ?

Are you tired of posting then ordering likes/views? Nevermind we have a solution for you just visit and setup your account for a autolikes/views subscription. Its FREE to place and order. You will be charged once you post and our systems will automatically send in the Likes and Views on your Profile. The autoviews and likes are for instagram,  twitter and other platforms are being joined soon.

Premium Order –

Dont want to pay full for all the web based subscriptions , your anti virus,  your VPNs, Buy Various subscribed accounts of netfl!x, Hotstar , Hulu , nord Vpn , PornHub etc accounts only on

SMS Panel –

Sms marketing is one the oldest way of marketing and still works for most of us. That is why Msp brings to you the ultimate Sms Platform. ( ONLY FOR INDIA ) as of now. Visit now :

Hosting / Shoutouts / Forum

Looking for webhosting?

Msp is also a partner of which is one of cheapest hosting providers and you can always get a discount of 30% if you are a msp-panel owner just visit and ask them the discount coupon. Visit Now : – Influencer Marketing

looking to buy Instagram / youtube Accounts and focus on influencer Marketing?


Forum community

We owe it to our community a big one and that is why we built the MSP Marketing Forum to discuss topics and share views. We also host giveaways and share premium stuff over the forum : Join Now

Thank You For Reading and Showing Interest In MSP. Keep Using and Sharing your feedbacks through our forum and tickets. I will Update the post with updates in our system and New ventures. Thanks again!

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