How to Write a Letter of Resignation (A Guide)

So it’s time to quit your job. Maybe you were looking for a new job and found a perfect one for you in another company. Good for you! The only thing standing between you and your new job is saying goodbye to your current employer.

While writing and filing a resignation letter can be very stressful, it contains some key elements that will help you reduce your stress levels. If you need assistance during this process, here is your guide.

What is a letter of resignation

What is a letter of resignation?

First we should start with the question “What is a resignation?”. A resignation is that you quit your job. A resignation letter is a formal letter stating that you have made a decision to leave your current job and company.

Do you need to write a letter of resignation?

While it is not mandatory to submit your written and formal resignation to every company, it is a friendly and professional way to inform your employer. It is also important to make a positive and lasting impression and to keep in touch with your employer in order to expand or at least maintain your current network.

Tips for forming a letter of resignation

Tips for forming a letter of resignation

A positive way: It is always better to maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards your manager, even if your background includes conflict or disputes. It’s much more professional to keep your resentments and negativity to yourself while saying real things and pointing out the good sides of working at this company.

Direct and straight to the point

Generating verbosity is not desirable in any formal letter. Keeping it brief will not only save you time but also save time on your manager. So state your intention in the first paragraph.

Do everything according to the book

Make sure you didn’t make a typo. Use a spell checker and double-check your resignation letter to avoid making grammatical errors or typos.

offer help

Supporting this transition can be very useful for your manager and team. You can suggest helping them choose your replacement, training an intern, or completing certain projects before you leave.

What should your resignation letter contain?

  • Today’s date
  • The address and name of the company
  • Your manager’s name
  • A statement showing your intention to resign
  • The official name of your current position
  • The date of your last day
  • Your signature and your name
  • Best wishes for the success of the company
  • Many thanks and gratitude to your manager for allowing him to work with him
  • Offer help before you leave the company
  • Don’t forget that giving a reason is optional.

How can you submit your letter of resignation?

With withdrawal protocols in mind, submitting in person on almost every occasion is considered more appropriate. However, there may be times when you need to send a cancellation email instead of a cancellation letter. The format of a cancellation e-mail is almost the same as that of a cancellation letter. One of the key differences is that you should write in accordance with the email labels.

FAQ for writing a letter of resignation

Should filing a letter of resignation be my first step in quitting my job?

No, a notice period of two weeks before departure is more appropriate. It is a standard period of time that you say you are working on your last day of work.

Is it a legal obligation?

No, it’s not a legal obligation, but a professional image ad is created which is important to be polite. It’s a general protocol and formality.

Should it be handwritten or printed?

It doesn’t matter if it’s handwritten or printed as long as you sign it. (It must be the original signature.) Keep in mind that the handwriting must be legible when you handwrite it.

Do I have to give a reason?

No, you don’t have to give a reason. It’s optional.

Do I have to offer help?

This may depend on your contract, but there is no need to train new staff or provide assistance with finding a replacement. However, it can be good to be gentle and show your gratitude to your manager.

Conclusion on writing a resignation letter

The time will likely come in your career when you are planning on leaving your job. Hopefully it’s because you found or got a better job for yourself. Before sending your resignation letter, make sure it is written in the format that impresses your boss. Although there are termination letter templates online, it would be more sincere and impressive if you were to write them independently.

Let’s guess. You want to leave your job for a better one. If we’re right, there is one last thing we can do to help you. You can and should learn how to write a good LinkedIn resume to increase your chances of getting a dream job.

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