Instagram extends the time limit for live streams to 4 hours

Instagram users can now live stream up to four times longer than before, after the live stream time limits were significantly increased.

In addition, Instagram makes live streams easier to find and keeps them available for a longer period of time after completion.

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Longer time limit for live streams

An update, now available to all Instagram users, allows it to go live in a single stream for four hours.

Previously, the time limit for Instagram live streams was one hour. Then the stream was interrupted immediately.

If users wanted to stream longer they had the option to go live again, but they would have lost all of their audience from the last stream.

Extending the Instagram live stream time limit gives users the flexibility to stream longer without interruptions.

This brings Instagram in line with Facebook in terms of time limits for live streams on mobile.

With Facebook, users can be mobile for up to 4 hours. However, this time can be doubled to 8 hours when streaming from a desktop computer.

However, both are still far behind Twitch, where users can stream for more than 24 hours if necessary.

Instagram users can now use the extended time limit as long as their account has a good reputation.

Improved visibility of live streams

Instagram makes it easier for users to see live streams by adding a “Live Now” section in IGTV.

Instagram extends the time limit for live streams to 4 hours

When a live stream ends, Instagram directs viewers to more live streams from other users.


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This is similar to YouTube’s recommendation to continue watching other content at the end of the video.

Perhaps in the future Instagram will remove a page from Twitch’s playbook and allow users to “raid” other people’s live streams.

A Twitch raid refers to the migration of an entire live audience from one user stream to another. This is an optional feature that streamers can use when completing a show.

A raid helps people discover new streamers while increasing the audience of the streamers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

There’s no such feature in the Works for Instagram, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Instagram recently began allowing users to monetize their streams with fan badges, which is remarkably similar to Twitch’s subscription system.


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Time will tell if more Twitch-like features are on the way for Instagram Live.

Live stream archive

Instagram will soon offer users the option to archive their streams for up to 30 days.

Previously, users could save their feed posts or stories in a private archive. The only way to save a stream was to post it on IGTV right away.

Instagram extends the time limit for live streams to 4 hours

The upcoming option to save live vapors works just like the archive feature for feed posts and stories.


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However, unlike feed posts and stories, which are stored indefinitely, live streams are deleted after 30 days.

Source: Instagram’s VP of Product Twitter