Instagram highlight ideas for everyone

Before we start listing Instagram highlight ideas, let’s understand what it is first. Instagram Highlights is a feature of Instagram. You need to use this tool. Your followers can see this tool on your profile page under the “Stories Highlight” tab.

The main point of story highlights is to “categorize your old stories in a new tab.” This new tab is under your Instagram page. You can save your stories in designated tabs by choosing what they are and how they are named. However, you need to keep these stories in your story for 24 hours before they are saved in your highlights. The highlights or stories will stay on your profile page if you don’t remove them. You can have as many highlights as you want. You can also edit any current highlight by tapping and holding the circle on your profile.

The Instagram highlight feature is a perfect way to give people insights into you. You can show this to the people with the highlights once they visit your profile page. Lots of people have different ideas for Instagram highlights. However, if you have no idea about Instagram highlights, then don’t worry. You can read our article on Instagram to highlight ideas.

With the increase in sharing and usage time, it was inevitable for their brands to turn to Instagram. In this context, Instagram’s story feature became the most interesting part of this application. With the growth in recent years, many brands have turned completely to social media. It’s worth noting here how important Instagram stories are to brands.

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How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Brand

How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Brand

You may be using this part very well on your personal Instagram profile. For your brand’s Instagram account, however, this part requires a little more attention. You should keep track of what you can share in stories and how it contributes to your brand across a strategy. You don’t want to share a story that is far from your brand. Check out the following ideas about things to share about your brand on Instagram stories.

  • Pictures of an office event
  • Latest news about the industry
  • Images and videos of your products
  • Promote a corporate event
  • One of your company’s blog posts
  • Messages from other companies that follow or work with you

Knowing how to post on your Instagram stories is important. However, it is even more important to know which posts to make. Businesses need to know who their ideal followers are and what they want to see on Instagram. These are so important for companies that want to tell their stories on Instagram. Knowing the personality of your ideal followers is also important for the target audience who want to enjoy your posts. If you are looking to gain more followers and build a customer base, these issues should be considered.

Best Instagram highlight ideas for you

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dig deeper into the subject. These are some of the Instagram highlight ideas we’ve selected for you.

Books you read or love

You can share the books you read. That could help your audience. Or you can share a book that you like with your audience. If you’ve published a book yourself, you can save it as a highlight.

Share your family time

We are all human. Maybe you are promoting your own brand. So save the moments that you record from your family as one of the many Instagram highlight ideas. Selfies and fun memories can be interesting.

Share your podcast as a highlight

Let people know about your podcast and make sure your followers can see it.

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Send the music you like

Your followers love to browse the things they like. You can share the kind of music you want to hear while you work.

Show your art to everyone

Share the hidden glances of your art, all of your work, inspiration and process.

Share your satisfied customers

When you’re running a business, social proof is so important. Ask your customers to leave picture comments for physical products offered by your company. Then share such pictures in the highlights.

Share your fun

How someone looks makes a better impression on your viewers. Write down the moments when you read a book on the beach. Or the parties you go to and anything else you do for fun.

Here's how to make Instagram highlights more interesting

Here’s how to make Instagram highlights more interesting

You can use the feed stream to make your Instagram highlights more interesting. Instagram Feed is a stream of content that users can browse by swiping the screen. You can also use the Instagram story highlight icons to make your highlights more fun and interesting. It is so easy to add highlight icons and Instagram highlight covers. This is a great way to make your highlights more fun. The Instagram highlights cover and Instagram story cover are kind of a preview for your audience. You can use the blog posts to make your highlights more interesting. Blog posts are very interesting to some users.

Instagram Highlights FAQ

How do I create highlights?

Go to your story first. Then tap the marker in the lower right corner. Select the highlight that you want to add to your story. Or tap the new one to create a new highlight. Then enter a name for this new highlight. Finally, tap Add.

How can I edit or delete an Instagram story highlight?

The first thing you need to do is tap your profile picture. Under Instagram Stories Highlights, select the story that you want to delete or edit. Then tap and hold on it and tap on the Clear Highlight option. Or tap the Edit Highlight option to add more posts to your story.

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Can I use Instagram Highlights to direct traffic?

You can add a link to your Instagram stories. That way, you can send more traffic to your website. A user swipes up or taps the native text “See More” at the end of a linked story.

Can everyone see my highlights on Instagram?

Only your followers are allowed to view your highlights on Instagram unless you choose the public option.

Can I add my deleted stories to the highlights?

If you’ve already archived your stories, you can add those stories to highlights.

In short, Instagram highlights ideas

The Instagram Highlights section is important enough for you to introduce yourself to your followers and those who browse your profile. This is why you want to make your Instagram highlight ideas even more interesting with a variety of ideas. Some of these ideas are books, your family, podcasts, types of music and your arts or your clients. You can also make your highlights even more interesting with the icons and cover sheets. With all of these, you can introduce yourself to those who visit your profile in the best possible way. And if none of the above help, then you should take a few steps back and read our review on how to create highlights on Instagram first.

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