Instagram overtakes Twitter as a popular news source

It has been observed that the popularity of Instagram as a news source is increasing day by day, especially among people aged 18 to 24. At this rate, it could replace Twitter as the most preferred news source.

A Reuters Institute Digital News 2020 report said that since 2018, the number of people checking Instagram for updates on current events has increased tremendously

The real driving force behind this shift in making Instagram a popular news source lies in its younger users. It has been found that two-thirds of users under the age of 25 prefer this.

This report also claims that consumers under the age of 18-24 will read the news updates on social media platforms rather than on a traditional website or news app.

Access to news is redistributed. Across all countries, just over a quarter (28%) prefer to start their news journey with a website or app.

The 18- to 24-year-olds (so-called Generation Z) have an even weaker connection to websites and apps and access news via social media more than twice as often.

The percentage of people who choose Instagram as their source of news updates is 11%, which is just pointless than Twitter. This is the status at the time of the survey, taking into account all demographic characteristics.

Source: Reuters Institute

This is a fairly new fact for Instagram as it has never been considered a place for news updates in the past.

Twitter has always been the place you wanted to catch up on current events, while Instagram was viewed more as a social media platform that was used to share pictures and videos for fun.

While Instagram’s stronghold for creative visuals has always made a lasting impression on the minds of the younger generation, so does the latest news.

Nic Newman, a lead author on the Reuters report, says:

Instagram is very popular with younger people. They respond really well to stories that are told simply and well with visual imagery.

In terms of popularity with the latest news updates, it looks like Facebook is still ahead of the game. It will be forever before Instagram can take that crown away from Facebook and claim first place.

YouTube is the second best place where most users check for the latest news, followed by WhatsApp, Twitter and finally Instagram.

The nature of the growth can be seen right now, with Instagram being the popular news source and growing steadily for years to come. There’s no denying that it won’t be all that long before Instagram crashes Twitter and tries to break into Facebook and YouTube territory.

Social media is not a trusted source of news

Despite the increasing number of users who prefer social media as a news source, Reuters says that when it comes to digital news, users do not fully trust social media because they believe other traditional sources.
Statistically, it has been observed that in the United States itself, only 14% of users believe the news they find on social media, while a staggering 22% of users still prefer the traditional way of accessing breaking news through search engines.

Source: Reuters Institute

Another interesting fact is that those who believe that social media is a reliable source of news updates, their preferred choice is Facebook, then come YouTube and Twitter. At the same time, Instagram comes as the penultimate preferred option.

In the United States, the authenticity of the messages is not very high. Regardless, 29% of users say they will believe every message.

Despite this data, the most preferred method of recording messages in the United States is through the Internet, such as on the Internet. B. social platforms, websites and various apps etc.
As for news consumption, social media are still ruling the charts and seeing tremendous potential for boosting it. A graphic representation of this can be seen below, where social media is the only source of news.

Source: Reuters Institute

Print news is on the verge of disappearing, while TV news seems to have made a comeback these days, overshadowing its decline in 2017-2018.

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