Instagram Verification ( Blue Tick ) How to get | Requirements | Full Details

Everything you should know about getting verified on Instagram 

Instagram Verification – Key Points

We live in an era where instagram is one of the best social media network to be on. Since the number of people on instagram are increasing day by day, it has become difficult to stand apart as a brand or known entity that is why instagram came up with Instagram verifications also known as Instagram Blue Tick.


Getting an Instagram verified account will not only will increase your brand’s worth, it can increase your organic traffic , and open media house opportunities that you would never have thought possible. The investment is well worth it. Possessing a strong personal brand is a must in this day and age!

Increases Trust Flow

Being verified on Instagram increases your brand’s validity and reach . Considering significantly less than 1% of account are verified, having the blue badge and also a instagram blue tick with your profile name signifies your brand is both important and relevant. When users see a confirmation badge with all the accounts, they are likely to look at the consideration as trustworthy – ideal for brand.

Special Features and Early Access to new Functions

Its always a privilege to be given early access to certain features and be treated special. Thats what a blue tick on instagram does to you. There are various special functions like the swipe up function assign manager/moderator , sell sponsored products through your profile and what not that becomes available to you when you are verified.

MSP Verification Takes 2-4 Weeks Of time and 100% Guarantee of work completion else Full Refund.


This is the complete procedure for getting the account verified

Procedure for PUBLIC Accounts. ( Price : 

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  • An account of a singer / Actor / Artist / MP / MLA / Public Domain Personality is considered a public Account.
  • There should be relevent articles and PR done. There should be public mentions about the account holder in newspapers , Media websites , Interviews , etc on Big Media Publications. Minimum 15-20 Articles are required to get things started. 
    • All the links should be from verified news / information networks. 

    Wikipedia Page will also help ( Optional ).

    • Govt ID proof / Passport 

Procedure for a Normal Account. ( Price :

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  • Since its a Normal Account we will have to do PR for it first ( PR pricing is already mentioned in the price. ) 
  • With Pr we will publish 
    • 7-10 Category A links from known websites and news networks. 
      • The articles in local newspaper , interviews , blog mentions are also important. ( Can fasten the process ) Publishing will cost 500$ 
        • All the links will be from verified news / information networks.

    • Govt ID proof / Passport will be required. A company or a local business registration will also help.

  • Public profiles are hard to verify so it can take much time than expected as we have to first resolve the online presense of the account holder.

Cost for IG Verification ( Public Profile )

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  • Payment varies ( Sometimes )
  • Everything Included
  • 30% Advance Payment
  • Verification takes 2-5 Weeks
  • Full Refund if not done.

Cost for IG Verification ( Any Profile )

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  • Payment varies ( Sometimes ) Contact Us
  • Everything Included
  • Including articles and PR
  • 30% Advance Payment
  • Verification takes 4-6 Weeks
  • Full Refund if not done.

Cost for Other Verifications / Services

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