Interesting Instagram Hacks – FB Post Likes

You’ve probably already thought about our must-try Instagram hacks. (It’s a fun beach reading, I totally get it!) Now it’s time to master the fine art of the Instagram story.

  1. Turn your story into a shopping spree Instagram for hacks

If you have an Instagram store, you can add a product sticker to your product in any Instagram story.

If shoppers want to learn more about this cool hamster print vest, just click the sticker and head to your shop to begin their digital shopping spree.

How it goes:

  1. Create your Instagram story and tap the sticker icon
  2. Selected product
  3. Select the item from your product catalog
  4. Customize the product sticker to match your brand
  5. Change the color of a question sticker

Color coordinate or not color coordinate? This is the question … or rather a question of what to do with your question sticker.

How it goes:

  1. Tap the sticker icon and select Question
  2. Enter your question and tap the rainbow wheel at the top of the screen
  3. Keep tapping until the question sticker is the color of your choice
  4. Access more gifs than ever before

If there is such a thing as too many gifs, we don’t want to hear it.

While Instas Search lets you search Giphy’s library, the Giphy app lets you create your own albums of your favorites for easy access and share them directly from Giphy.

How it goes:

  1. Open the Giphy app and find the GIF you want
  2. Click the paper airplane share icon (or the heart icon if you want to set favorites and post later).
  3. Select the Instagram icon, then select “Share for Stories”.
  4. OR select “Copy GIF” and paste it into your story
  5. Answer questions about a live story

Answering your followers’ questions on an Instagram Live Story is like having a fun interview that you do to yourself. (Need help getting started with Instagram Live?

How it goes:

  1. Use a question sticker to encourage your audience to ask questions in advance of your questions and answers
  2. When you go live, tap the question mark at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the question you want to answer. It will be displayed on your live screen during the transmission
  4. Questions are greyed out once they are selected so that you don’t select them again

5. Create your own Instagram filter for Instagram hacks

You don’t have to be a programmer to create your own custom filter that you can use or share with the world. Spark AR Studio offers a variety of tutorials and simple step-by-step tools to help you put your stamp on the world (and especially the faces of your followers).

  1. Save your favorite filters

You want to have your elf ear filter always at hand, we understand it. Fortunately, there is a way to make an easily accessible library of your favorite effects.

How it goes:

  1. Open your Instagram Stories camera
  2. Swipe through the filters at the bottom of the screen until you reach the end
  3. Tap the icon of a magnifying glass that says “Browse Effects”.
  4. Find a desired effect and click the download icon (down arrow).
  5. The next time you open your camera, you can choose this effect
  6. When you see an effect on someone else’s story, click on the effect’s name (at the top of the screen) to save it from there

7. Become a master of the Instagram role

Instagram’s new Reels feature is a bit of a TikTok copycat, but it’s still fun. Create a 15 second video with multiple clips with music, special effects, and stickers and amaze your followers with your dance moves. You can share your stories, but they’ll also show up on the Explore page so you can impress even more grammarians with your Celine Dion lip syncs.

8. Use templates and design tools to pop your stories for Instagram hacks

Sure, a great cook can make a delicious meal with just a knife and pan … but a kitchen full of tools makes it a lot easier to create a gourmet experience.

Likewise, branching off the basic elements of Instagram Stories and integrating external design and editing apps into your creative process opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Is that a good metaphor or am I just hungry? Download some apps and we’ll check in after lunch.

How it goes:

  1. Try out some of these fun Instagram story apps to take your pictures and videos to the next level
  2. Download free Instagram Stories templates and make them your own.

Of course, no amount of hacks (or tips or tricks or gadgets or gizmos galore) can be compared to good, old-fashioned, quality content.

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