Is It a Good Idea to Buy Email Lists?

As already known, with the increasing importance of digital marketing, email marketing continues to attract new customers. Email marketing is a marketing technique that allows you to introduce your product to people by sending them an email and announcing your discount when you offer a discount. That way you can sell your products more. But does it have any flaws? Let’s find out if buying email lists is a good idea or not.

Cons of Buying an Email List

Before answering the question, “Is it a good idea to buy email lists?”, You should probably consider the drawbacks. The goal or organization of the company that buys the email list is to reach the audience it wants to sell and serve. This is the purpose of digital marketing. The mailing lists sold were collected by bots from across the internet, changed hands for centuries, created by shuffling irrelevant lists that have been around for years and are full of buggy emails.

  • If you are using a high quality email platform, the system will interrupt your submission and your account will be suspended. All mailing platforms, especially Mailchimp, split your list into parts and send your mails in sections. This allows them to spot fake lists and interrupt submissions instead of harming you and themselves.
  • Most outgoing emails fall into the spam folder.
  • Any email that falls into the spam folder will gradually lower your IP and domain reliability rating and damage your future submissions.
  • Some of the emails that reach their destination are marked as spam by users. Users file a complaint by tagging your business on social media platforms. You can also report other authorities.
  • As with all digital marketing channels, when creating an email marketplace, you should target the right users. For a curious user, you should market content that satisfies their curiosity. Also, marketing focused on your products and services should be directed to users at the purchasing stage. When buying an email list, you have a mixed list that is not segmented and then it is impossible to reach the user with the right strategy.
Pros in Buying an Email List

Benefits of Buying an Email List

  • It enables you to attract potential customers at a low cost,
  • Much more economical when printed newsletters or other shipping options are considered.
  • The sending time is short because the sent email reaches the other party immediately.
  • It’s easy to follow; It contains a variety of details about subscribers who want to unsubscribe from subscribers whose mailboxes are full
  • 85% of internet users check and read their emails.

People buy email lists to …

  • Strengthening business relationships with your existing customers,
  • Adding new customers to the corporate network,
  • To inform customers about your discounts or special offers,
  • To introduce new products and then your range,
  • It can be used to gather public information about new research that you will be doing.

Properties of the email addresses in the bulk mailing list

  • In your email marketing submissions, you should remove email addresses from your bulk mailing list that have not arrived after a certain period of time. To reach your current list and then increase your success rate, you should remove invalid email addresses from your list to avoid damaging your sender reputation. You can check and determine the identification of these addresses from the reports in your previous emails.
  • Your recurring email entries in your bulk email addresses can be misleading about the number of your mailing lists. It’s also important to remove duplicate email entries to prevent bulk sending of more than one email to the same email address.
  • It is important to ensure that the e-mail addresses on your e-mail marketing list are not spoofed. Fake address lists are mostly sent to bulk purchased mailing lists. Instead of buying lists for your sender reputation, consider using your own mass authorized mailing list. Even if old e-mail addresses are real e-mail addresses that were actively used in the past, they can no longer be used after a while. This leads to an increase in your spam rate when sending to such email addresses.
  • In every mailing campaign you run, you should regularly delete the email addresses that bounce back from your list. Deleting the returned emails from your receiving server from your list is an important detail in your spam rate for your next submissions.
Email Lists FAQ

Email Lists FAQ

Will the bulk emails I send fall into spam?

The bulk emails you send with your IP address and regular server control are unlikely to fall into spam.

How can I manage my customers who do not want to receive emails?

If the recipient of the mail clicks on the text, I don’t want to receive the mail below. No more mail can be sent. It should have an ad.

Can I keep my mailing lists in the system?

You can keep all your mailing lists separately in our system and use them in your future submissions. It can also add email addresses to your mailing list later. You can filter emails and remove the desired email addresses from the system.

What is the bulk mail credit system?

Bulk Email Credit means you’ve sent as many emails as were sent in the credit package you purchased. For every email you send, a credit will be deducted from your credit.

Can a file attached to the mailing list be sent?

You can send anything you want, just like you send personal email.

Bottom line on buying email lists

So what do you think Is It a Good Idea to Buy Email Lists? Make sure that after purchasing an email list and submitting a few posts, you face all of the negative situations I mentioned. Instead, create a healthy email marketing strategy and then build your target list in small and healthy steps. Do you have to take a few steps back? Let’s start with the basics. Here is our comprehensive guide to marketing.

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