LinkedIn lists the best marketers of 2020

LinkedIn unveils its annual Top Voices report, which lists the most influential professionals from various industries.

The report features a list of the top marketing and advertising professionals on LinkedIn.

This information can be helpful to others in a number of ways. For example, people who want to build a more engaged following on LinkedIn can improve their game by learning from the best.

LinkedIn’s Top Voices list can also be a useful resource for professional development. If you want to advance your career in marketing & advertising, you can get inspiration from this list of top professionals.

Others may simply want to populate their LinkedIn feed with more valuable content relevant to their job. In this case, this list can also be useful.


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People featured on LinkedIn’s list of Top Marketing and Advertising Professionals are selected based on the following criteria:

  • engagement: The number of reactions, comments, and approvals in each person’s content.
  • Post cadence: How much content they contribute to LinkedIn and how often they post.
  • Follower growth: The speed at which each person’s audience is growing.

After LinkedIn identifies the top professionals through quantitative data analysis, it takes qualitative data into account, such as the person’s work.

The editors of LinkedIn News refine and curate the list based on factors such as:

  • Are the posts insightful, chatty, and timely?
  • Are they trying to give and get help instead of promoting themselves?
  • Does this list reflect the world we work and live in today?


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The report explicitly states that employees of LinkedIn and Microsoft are excluded from the examination. This also applies to anyone who has ever been paid by LinkedIn to participate in branding campaigns or courses.

Let’s take a look at the top votes in marketing and advertising this year.

Top Marketing & Advertising Professionals in 2020

1. Mayur Gupta

Who is he? Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Gannett.

What is he writing about? He writes daily on topics such as marketing challenges, leadership, and branding purpose.

2. Steven Wolfe Pereira

Who is he? CEO & Founder at Encantos

What is he writing about? He is best known for a spotlight series on LinkedIn showcasing Black and Latin American talent.

3. Mita Mallick

Who is she? Head of Inclusion, Justice and Impact at Carta.

What is she writing about? She recently left a position as Head of Intercultural Marketing at Unilever and is now committed to developing inclusive leaders.

4. Katie Mitchell

Who is she? Marketing Director at UserLeap

What is she writing about? Your posts will focus on educating others about marketing, content strategy, and discovery.

5. Matt Chervil

Who is he? VP of Marketing at Homie

What is he writing about? Aside from sharing his own thoughts, his posts focus on highlighting the creative endeavors of other people and brands.

6. Jabari Hearn

Who is he? SVP for Marketing & Entertainment at Westbrook Inc.

What is he writing about? He is known for starting a LinkedIn group called Monday Night Mentorship Collective, a network for color marketers to share experiences, answer questions, and find community.


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7. Amy Kean

Who is she? Founder of Six Things Impossible and Culture Editor at Shots Magazine.

What is she writing about? She is known as a critic of the advertising industry and addresses issues such as sexism and discrimination.

8. Noel Mack

Who is he? Chief Brand Office at Gymshark

What is he writing about? He writes about new products Gymshark is working on and often asks his audience questions as a form of market research.

9. String Nguyen

Who is she? Founder of The Trusted Voice.

What is she writing about? She leverages all of LinkedIn’s content types – polls, posts, live streams, stories, and videos – to discuss topics related to voice building and personal branding.

10. Apolline Adiju

Who is she? A Marketing Strategist / Business Development Executive.


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What is she writing about? She shares tips for B2B marketers on a number of topics from improving search engine optimization to having a great sales funnel value.

For more information on the professionals featured on this list, see the full LinkedIn report here.