See when someone was last active on Instagram

Are you wondering when a person was last active on Instagram? Continue reading! Instagram is one of the most widely used apps in the social media category. In addition to the fact that users share photos and videos with it, you can also chat with users using the DM function. Like Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM also shows you the online status of others. But how? Did you recognize the green dot in the pictures of people? Now open your app to last seen active on Instagram and click the DM icon. When you see green dots, it means these people are now online.

When was a person last active on Instagram?

Instagram recently added a Recent Activity feature. Now users can see the last activity time for some users and the information whether they are online or not. However, this function is limited. Instagram allows you to see the active status or the last time people were active if you exchanged messages with them.

How to see the last activity of the people

How to see the last activity of the people

To see the latest activity on Instagram, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Click the DM icon in the upper right corner
  3. See how much time has passed from a person’s “last activity” under their name

Just right?

Via Instagram Last Active Feature

Instagram Last Active Feature FAQ

I can’t see someone’s last active time on Instagram. Why?

This person may have turned off their activity status in their settings.

How do I know a person has turned off their activity status on Instagram?

If you can’t see their last activity, but the person is already in your DM box, you can just try sending direct messages to that person and wait until they see “Active Now” without the green dot .

Is the last Instagram activity correct?

It doesn’t work exactly in real time. You will not be considered online if, for example, you accidentally click on your app. Also, your status only changes when you go to your DM box.

How can I disable this feature?

Follow this path: Settings> Privacy & Security> Activity Status and toggle on and off.

If someone is inactive for a long time, does that mean they haven’t used the app at all?

No, they didn’t use direct messages.

Conclusion on Instagram Last Active Feature

You can see when people have been active on Instagram if you have direct messages with them. Just go to your DM box to see their last activity if they haven’t turned off activity status. We suspect you are new to Instagram. If we’re right, we believe this article on how to find people on Instagram will get you started.

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