” Sorry, something went wrong “Error on IG (quick fix)

“Sorry, something went wrong” error is the error that many Instagram users recently encountered while logging into their accounts from their phones. Unsurprisingly, the developers update one by one and may have missed something that is important to their pursuit of perfection.

With the necessary perseverance, there will still be a way out of any situation. Here are some solutions to resolve the “Sorry, an error occurred on Instagram” error when signing in to Instagram.

Methods to Fix an Instagram Error

8 ways to fix an Instagram error: “Sorry, something went wrong”

Here are some ways to fix the Instagram error that says, “Sorry, something went wrong.” After choosing the correct method and following the steps, you will no longer experience the same problems.

Method 1: Instagram server

This problem is likely to occur when the Instagram servers are busy. In such cases, you can contact your friends to find out if the problem is only with your device. You can also check Instagram’s live interruption map for such issues.

Method 2: sign in to another device

Try logging into your account from another phone. Oddly enough, the method works sometimes.

Method 3: Connect Instagram to Facebook

Try going on Instagram with Facebook. You have probably been asked repeatedly to link your two accounts on these social networks. If you’ve chosen to do this, you can quickly find out the login error. It is enough to log in through the Facebook profile associated with your Instagram account.

Method 4: try Instagram web version

Go to the web version on Instagram. This doesn’t solve the sign-in problem, but you can still view the feed.

Method 5: temporarily suspend my account

Launch the web version of Instagram (Instagram.com), log in and go to settings. There, find the option “Temporarily block my account” and select it by clicking on the line. Select “Sign in Problems” as the reason, confirm your request to temporarily block, and forget about the problem for 3 hours. The account is returned from locking by logging in. It is not known what happened there during those three hours, but for the vast majority of users the problem of logging into Instagram was solved this way.

Reinstall the Instagram app

Method 6: reinstall the Instagram app

Delete and reinstall the Instagram app. Sometimes this process works even if there is no final result.

Method 7: Devices to factory settings

You are resetting the device to the factory settings. This method is said to have helped several users as well. You can try again, but don’t forget to create a backup so as not to lose all of the information stored on your smartphone.

Method 8: report a bug to Instagram technical support

If the problem persists, we recommend that you contact your Instagram technical support. If your account is available on the website, log into your account there, go to your profile there, click the Change button and click Report a problem in the menu that appears.

  • To report a problem
  • Report an Instagram problem
  • Click on “Submit a Complaint” in Instagram Support

It remains to describe the problem and wait for the answer from a competent specialist. You have to wait 1-2 days for a response.

FAQ on fixing the “Sorry, something went wrong” error on IG

How can I check why the Instagram server is sending me an error?

You can also check Instagram’s live interruption map for such issues.

I tried to log into Instagram from my computer but I still get an error. how can i fix it?

Try signing in to your account from a phone or other device.

I can’t open my Instagram account due to an error. Is there any solution to this problem?

You can log in using the Facebook profile that is linked to your Instagram account.

My Instagram application cannot be updated and is sending me errors. How can I solve this problem?

Delete and reinstall the Instagram app. While this is too simple, it can solve more problems than you can imagine.

How many days should I wait for a response after reporting a bug to Instagram tech support?

You have to wait 1-2 days for a response. Any shorter than that, you will not get a satisfactory answer.

Conclusion on how to resolve the “Sorry, something went wrong” error on IG

The “Sorry, something went wrong” error in the Instagram mobile app can be triggered by other factors. From server failures to user bans, in the event of a ban, we recommend using a proxy and trying your profile from a different IP address. In some cases, this helped to solve the problem and access to the Instagram account was restored. If not, you can investigate login issues. To do this, you need to learn how to fix Instagram login error.

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