The best omnichannel marketing experience

Marketing is constantly evolving and developing at a rapid pace. We are moving from convincing basics of mass marketing to one-to-one communication and personalized marketing methods. The role of many different devices used by users and many different channels preferred for communication is great. The effectiveness of print media, television advertising, and even email marketing has decreased significantly in recent years. When it comes to omnichannel marketing, we speak of a world where customers are one step ahead of marketers. Some companies are very successful in this regard. Let’s share some examples of the best omnichannel marketing experiences.


Not to mention the Starbucks rewards app, which many consider to be one of the most successful multi-channel experiences out there. When you make a purchase, you will receive a free rewards card that you can use anytime. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, Starbucks lets you review and reload this card over the phone, website, app, or in-store. Any changes made to the card or your profile are updated in real time across all channels. That way, whenever you get in line to buy a coffee, you can top up your card instantly and discover that you don’t have enough credit.



This is one of the best omnichannel experiences imaginable. As one of the largest brands in the world, Disney offers a wide variety of interaction options. We call Disney’s theme park experiences a unique and magical level of interaction, especially when it comes to multi-channel experiences. Disney park visitors can begin their journey online. Or they can go mobile with travel planning features to buy tickets, make hotel reservations, and then make travel arrangements. Once the date is set, guests can take advantage of “My Disney Experience”. This helps them plan their day in the parks, view schedules, and then create meal plans.

Upon arrival, guests wear digitally activated “Magic Band” bracelets for each direction of stay. Magic ribbons act as hotel room keys and storage devices for photography in the park. They also act as check-in devices for meal reservations and FastPasses to skip the line on certain trips. All information stored in Magic Band can be managed through the mobile application or in different parts of the parks.


IKEA is a well-known example and of the finer omnichannel experiences. The IKEA Catalog app allows users to switch between two platforms. Users then save their eye-catching items in a shopping list for online or in-store purchases. Customers can also order online for in-store pickup if they want to skip the showroom. It also provides unique digital functional services for home design and remodeling. The app has AR to visualize what a particular object would look like in a room. With desktop users you can enter room sizes for the kitchen, bathroom or office and design a completely renovated room with items from the full catalog.


Oasis is a UK-based fashion retailer that combines an ecommerce website, mobile app and physical stores with a simple shopping experience. When you enter one of the Oasis stores, you will find sales representatives ready to provide you with accurate and up-to-date product information with their iPads on site. At the same time, these iPads act as cash registers, making it easier for sales reps to bill you from anywhere in the store. However, if it turns out that a product you like is out of stock, the staff can immediately place an online order for it to be delivered straight to your home.



It is a project initiated by Sephora Kozmetik branches to provide convenience to their customers and to get the right messages across. The project will provide visitors with a powerful and immersive shopping experience with more than 50 professional screens of various sizes used in screens. With the wall televisions behind the cash registers, the messages to be delivered to customers are transmitted very effectively. There are vertical screens of different sizes at the washbasin corners. Digital broadcast areas were created to draw customers’ attention to products. With the horizontal screens used in the stores, the customers visiting the store are decorated with very vivid colors at every point they look. A shopping experience is presented in an impressive and pleasant environment.


At least 43% of customers use cell phones when shopping in a physical store. This fact alone underscores the importance of omnichannel marketing. You need to make sure that each of your shopping channels works with one another right away in order to offer something compelling. REI does this very well, with a large number of shopping touchpoints. With the company’s multi-channel initiative, you’ll find up-to-date and accurate product information every time. And this kind of internal communication makes customers happy and satisfied and visits them again and again.

How is omnichannel successful?

How is omnichannel successful?

Regularly review your customers’ experiences as you research, make connections, and purchase your products. Test this experience by ordering, interacting with all channels, creating a support case, etc. If possible, these tests should be done both internally and externally.

Make sure compatibility comes with a sense of discovery and inspiration, and use customer data to inform the content is appropriate. Find out which data points are useful to you and categorize your audience accordingly. What data points will help you better understand your consumers? Look for answers to your questions. Content and news are important points. If a consumer has ever been interested in or bought your product, you may want to use it in your marketing. If a consumer has added a product to their shopping cart but has not yet purchased it, you are using your content for purchase intentions.

People used more and more devices during a single purchase. Make sure you hear these interactions well and give the correct answers. For example, the e-commerce retailer should try to keep the items in the shopping cart under the devices in use. If you’ve added a product to your mobile shopping cart, you must have the same product in your shopping cart when you log in to your desktop computer.

FAQ on the best omnichannel marketing experiences

What is the omnichannel strategy?

It is a sales and marketing approach that offers customers a complete shopping experience by combining user experiences and everything in between, from real-world usage to mobile surfing.

Is there a difference between omnichannel and multichannel and if so, which one?

Omnichannel marketing offers customers a consistent, personalized experience across all channels and devices. Multichannel marketing covers different channels, e.g. B. social, mobile, and physical locations.

Why is omnichannel important?

It allows users to customize their own experience. A customer comes to the store because they order a product online and want to buy it.

What is omnichannel customer support?

Omnichannel customer support means meeting customers on their preferred channel at all levels of interaction with your company.

How can I improve my omnichannel retail?

You need to understand your target audience and their ever-changing shopping habits, and anticipate the future needs of your customers.

Conclusion on the best omnichannel experiences in marketing

In today’s conditions, it is not enough just to advertise. It is necessary to provide the best service and experience in all types of channels and store special data for its customers. It is important to create a data pool and offer better options to their customers and it ensures that the customer is preferred as this is the speed and convenience that the customer is looking for. The company must be able to respond to the customer’s transaction in one channel as a service and experience in all other channels. Since you’ve come this far, we have good reason to believe that you’re interested in marketing. If that’s true, you can improve yourself by learning about marketing funnels.

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