Tips, strategies, and opportunities for LinkedIn advertisers [PODCAST]

In this special podcast from Marketing O’Talk, presenter Christine “Shep” Zirnheld was joined by LinkedIn experts to explain advanced strategies on how Google Advertisers can be successful with LinkedIn ads and where the platform will lead in the future.

  • AJ Wilcox:: Founder of B2Linked, host of the LinkedIn Ads Show.
  • Andrea Cruz: Digital Marketing Manager at KoMarketing and named to PPC Hero’s list of 50 Most Influential PPC Experts.
  • Mark Saltarelli: Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North and Cohost of Marketing O’Clock.

You can watch the video version of this podcast on the Search Engine Journal’s YouTube channel.

Can LinkedIn Ads lead generation forms help you find sales-qualified leads?

Cruz agrees with the consensus that automatically filling out the lead generation forms for LinkedIn ads makes it almost too easy to fill out.


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To improve the quality of the leads, she has a few strategies that advertisers can implement.

First, users need to pause and fill out the form by refining lead generation form questions to reduce the bloat from unqualified leads.

“A proven method is to create friction [by] Adding checkboxes or the like to make people stop and think, “Okay, I’ll fill out a form.”

She also recommends integrating your CRM with LinkedIn ads so you can quickly find new leads while they still remember your ad.

“The other option is to send a connection link to your CRM so that you can get something immediately after or within 24 hours of the initial submission so you can keep track of users.”

Cost reduction strategies for LinkedIn ads

We hear it all the time: “LinkedIn ads are just too expensive for my business.”

So we asked our experts if they had strategies or workarounds to lower CPCs on the platform.


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Everyone agreed with Saltarelli’s opinion that advertisers should not follow LinkedIn’s CPC bid recommendations.

“Ignore the CPCs recommended by LinkedIn. Sometimes you can be successful with a bid as low as $ 2.

Start low, as low as you can, and after a few days see how many impressions you are getting and really increase that bid based on auction performance and available impressions, rather than reaching a budget.

Don’t increase your CPC as LinkedIn will tell you that you need to increase your CPC in order to hit your daily budget. That fulfills itself. “

What Types of Businesses Can Be Successful on LinkedIn Ads?

We asked our guests what types of customers or industries were most successful on the LinkedIn Ads platform.

Wilcox gave four criteria as to whether a company would suit him well or not.

First, the target audience.

“You have to have an audience that you can actually reach by knowing who it is. Otherwise, if the targeting is not worth the premium, you won’t pay the premium. “

Second, the value of new customers to this business.

“They have to have a high service life value. I tell people if a new customer is worth $ 15,000 or more they’ll be a breeze on LinkedIn, but if they’re significantly less, you might find that even if you are, you won’t are very efficient due to the high cost they can achieve a return on investment. “

Third, the advertiser’s offer.

“You have to have an offer that people actually want to participate in. When searching, people look for what you do so that they come in with intent. So when you say, “Here’s what we do, fill out the main form.” People are ready for it.

But when I get people off LinkedIn, just browsing around just to learn something or to connect, when I show them an ad that says “Here’s what we do, get a demo” … no one is ready for this demo, but also asks way too early. “


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After all, advertisers need to have the right budget for the platform.

“I’m saying don’t even get near the platform unless you have to spend 5,000. That generally gives you enough data to actually start tweaking for the things that matter.”

Listen to the full episode for more actionable LinkedIn ad strategies that you can implement in your accounts to improve performance today!

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