Top Tips That Help Students to Complete Online Assignments on Time

In today’s modern world, where a lot of things are happening around us it’s easy for students to get distracted. Especially when doing homework online.

However, students also have other important commitments that require time and effort.

Hence they get easily out of track.

It’s due to this, most students pile up their assignments for the last moment.

But right at the last moment usually at midnight on 12 am they hassle around, Oh my god! I forgot to write the assignment once again, never mind I still have time will do it tomorrow and suddenly comes to know in the classroom that he/she has missed the deadline.

Often we see these types of scenes, hence to avoid these types of mishaps one should complete his/her online assignments on time and certainly make use of his/her time properly.

Extracting from the leading experts, here are the 5 tips that help you complete online assignments on time.

5 tips that help you complete online assignments on time

  1. Design a time table 

First of all get a head start, right before the class start, usually, students can see a course outline on the notice board or on their dashboard.

While looking at the course outline a student can see for him or herself the assignment of the week.

So while looking at the course outline, design a time table to distribute your time equally, well this way you are leading the way to meet your targets on time.

Weekly discussion assignments are not a big deal they are quite normal to complete, but the important things are dealing with written assignments on time.

So for focusing on these written assignments you should note down the submission dates on a calendar.

This will remind you every time you see a calendar, of a specific assignment.

  1. Create a dedicated space and time 

There are so many distractions in living rooms, like parents’ ongoing discussions, kids watching TV, etc.

Hence creating a dedicated space is very important as it helps to stay away from these distractions and organize study materials all in one place.

It can help in noting down important things in a specific area which will again help in reminding of those deadlines, assignments, important notes, etc.  

Time is another very essential factor in meeting deadlines on time, but for that students should value their precious time.

Hence a student should distribute equally his/her time because he/she can’t give all the time to just a single assignment, there are many other subjects and routine activities that need at least some amount of your time.

So to make the worth of your time, let’s assume you have 4 -1/2 hours for study, a student can distribute 1- 1/2 hour for his/her assignment, while other 3 hours for his/her other subjects.   

This will keep a balance of time in-between other subjects, as well as gradually help you progress in your assignment. 

  1. Make important notes as you read the online course materials  

It’s a fact of a student’s life, that during the lecture or an online class something comes up in our mind related to the subject and students often pass it on as we can write it down later on.

But after a while the same student goes blank…… what was that thing I was about to write.

Ahhh…….. Forgot, and there goes the important idea.

So it’s wiser to write down important notes somewhere in the background or if you are good with scrabbling over a notebook, so come on just write it down somewhere in the notebook.

At least while looking at the note you can revise the idea or thought that came up in mind.

This will certainly help in writing assignments.

Further, at some point, students often run blank while writing a new assignment, like from where to start, what should be the introduction?

But these key points noted down will help in building a solid foundation for a new assignment.

  1. Collect information before rushing to write assignments

Most probably the assignments are linked to the classroom discussions which masks easier to find the sources and collect different theories.

Revise the chapters, notes, past papers to take a context out of it and merge them to add to the assignments.

Internet is a large library of millions of content being uploaded on a daily basis, hence you can get relevant pieces of information for your assignments.

During the surfing over the internet for information, you might come up with an important webpage simply bookmark them, and if it’s a digital copy, you can take out a print of it to highlight the important notes in it.

Also ensure to bookmark the URLs of different sources while collecting them, because while creating assignments at the end page of the assignment you need to write down or cite those sources as per academic guidelines.

Apart from this students can also paraphrase the context and certainly eliminate the need of citing sources. 

Bonus tip

Students can use a paraphrasing tool to save their time

Nowadays as the technology is more and more getting advanced, many developers are working to create an educational tool.

One of the remarkable tools in the educational sector is the paraphrasing tool 

While writing assignments students have to collectively research a lot of content over the internet and merge it all together to give a unique look.

Obviously, students cannot copy and paste the whole content as it is in their assignment, it’s just a few parts where they can add or cite the sources as it is, rest of the assignment should be the student’s own thought, or else it will fall under plagiarism act.

Paraphrase generator is a helpful tool which allows the student to copy or drop the content as it is from the source, like from a website and paste it on the user interface of the tool, and then through its programming, it gives the output in unique content.

Few extra benefits of using paraphrasing tool are as such:

  • It can help students to increase their vocabulary as it shows academic-related synonyms while paraphrasing
  • This tool is very fast in researching and ultimately gives unique content instantly
  • Even at the last moment, students can use this tool to copy and drag over it from the source of information to get plagiarism-free amazing content.

Hence using the paraphrasing tool will allow students to get familiar with the new technologies as well as complete online assignments on time.

  1. Remove all the online distractions

It’s common for most of the students while working online there are many distractions going on in the background like social media messages, games, online feeds, emails and so much more going on.

Therefore it’s very easy to divert from assignments to other online activities, and at the end, students come to know … Oh my Gosh!

It’s now too late to work on the assignment.

I still have time, will do it tomorrow, and in the worst case you miss out on the deadline.

So to avoid missing out on deadlines, it’s a smart choice to remove all the online distractions and focus on utilizing your precious time in your assignment.

It can be done by staying offline from social accounts, buzz-off or keep silent your pc or laptop from notifications, sign out or close the email inbox tab and focus on the assignment.


Above mentioned tips are proven ways to make the worth of your time, apart from these tips students can add or supplement a few extra methods into it to complete their assignments on time.