Tweet made easy! Twitter adds feature for scheduled tweets

The social media platform Twitter announced on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 that it had started running tests to bring new, time-saving features to its users. The company revealed this on TweetDeck’s Twitter handle with the following tweet: “Twitter planning on Yes, please! Starting today, we’re experimenting with bringing one of @TweetDecks most practical time-saving features in Twitter. Tell us what you think about being part of the experiment. ”- @tweetdeck

The company started on Thursday, November 21, 2019 Experimenting with the Scheduled Tweets feature on its main website for a select group of its users. The feature allows users to compose a tweet and choose a future date and time that it will be automatically published on their Twitter page (s).

Currently, several business account holders and marketers are using the TweetDeck dashboard application or third party applications like Buffer to plan, manage and monitor their reach in the marketplace. But with the upcoming feature of Twitter, they will be able to perform all of the required tasks under one roof by using the official Twitter website and reducing their reliance on third-party applications.

Either way, there is speculation that Twitter’s latest feature for scheduling tweets could lead to the retirement of TweetDeckas as a separate dashboard application.

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