Twitter allows users to schedule tweets and save drafts

Scheduling tweets on Twitter was previously only possible using third-party tools. Recently, Twitter introduced the “Schedule Tweets” feature on its website, which helps users schedule tweets in advance without the use of any other tool. This feature is available in the browser and will also be available in the mobile application.

Here is the announcement

Below are the steps to schedule Tweets on the Twitter site

After composing a tweet, click the icon that looks like a calendar highlighted in the screenshot below before clicking the Tweet button.

After you click the calendar icon, you’ll see options to schedule Tweets up to 18 months in advance. You can select the date, time, and time zone from the options available. Below is the screenshot of what this feature looks like.

This window shows a list of all scheduled tweets that can be managed or adjusted if necessary.

Twitter added the ability to save drafts along with scheduling tweets on the site. This feature is available in the mobile application and will now be added to the web version of the website after the last update.

Here’s how you can do it

Click the X button in the upper left of the Tweet compose box. You have the option to save your composition or delete it permanently. You can save the composition if you want to revise it and exit at any time you want. Below is what this will look like.

By adding these two features, users can schedule their tweets all at a specific time of the day. Also, the draft save feature is very helpful for users who want to rate the tweet they share on their profile.

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