Twitter announces voice tweets

Twitter is about to launch a brand new feature that will allow its users to tweet using recorded voice clips.

This feature will be an additional method of communication for the users in addition to the already existing features such as photos, videos, GIFs, texts, etc.

“Over the years, you’ve added your own flair and personality to your conversations through photos, videos, gifs, and additional characters. But sometimes 280 characters are not enough and some nuances of conversation are lost in the translation.

That’s why we’re testing a new feature starting today that will give our use of Twitter a more human touch – your very own voice. “

This particular feature will initially be available to an exclusive number of people on Twitter, especially iOS users. All iOS users will soon be able to use this new tweet variant.

On the other hand, all other users can see and listen to these voice tweets on their feed, regardless of whether they are on iOS, Android or desktop.

Write a voice tweet

Voice tweet is simple and easy to write, just like the regular tweets on the platform.

Start by opening the tweet composer and going to the new language icon. The symbol looks like audio wavelengths.

Now click the voice icon button, you will see the profile photo along with a record button on the screen. Click the record button and start recording the voice tweet you want to post.

Voice Tweets are limited to recording audio that is only 140 seconds in duration. If you want to record a lengthy voice tweet, keep talking and this feature will publish your extra audio as a series of multiple tweets.

Once these voice tweets are published, they will be visible to all of your followers in their feeds along with other tweets.

To hear this type of tweet, all you have to do is click on the picture that shows the user’s profile picture.

Tweets start in a new tab that moves to the bottom of the screen so users can hear the voice tweets while browsing their feed freely.

“There are many things that can go unspoken or uninterpreted when using text, so we hope that voice tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike.

Whether it’s #Storytime about your encounter with wild geese in your neighborhood, a journalist sharing the breaking news, or a firsthand report from a protest, we hope that voice tweet gives you the opportunity to share your prospects quickly and easy to share with your voice. “

When it comes to voice tweets, these are the most important things to keep in mind.

However, there is some additional information that is worth paying attention to or keeping track of.

More information on voice tweets

Voice Tweets are currently only available for Original Tweets.

In the initial phase, voice tweets are limited to the original tweets only.

Which, in simple terms, refers to the fact that you are unable to record a voice tweet and post it as a reply or retweet with a comment.

At this point in time, it is questionable whether this will change in the future. This type of restriction on not allowing voice responses can cause Twitter to miss an exciting opportunity to maximize its user engagement.

On the contrary, allowing voice tweets to reply with a comment or retweet can open a pandora of abuse and other kinds of aggravation. This type of commitment may not prove helpful in the long run. So it is good that Twitter has kept the restriction on the use of this feature only for use as an original tweet.

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