Twitter debuts carousel ads with up to 6 pictures or videos

With Twitter’s new carousel ads, marketers can use 2 to 6 images or videos in one ad.

Carousel ads are designed to help companies achieve their goals more effectively by targeting potential customers with a new and interactive ad format.

The carousel ad format includes:

  • An edge-to-edge design
  • Measurement reporting by third parties
  • Accessibility support
  • New reporting functions (e.g. swipes within the carousel and breakdowns to measure the performance of individual carousel cards)

Carousel ads are a compelling experience created to drive people to an app or website.

With multiple assets in a single ad, marketers can seamlessly move through different products, highlight certain features of a product, or tell a story about their brand.

Learn more about what carousel ads offer and how to use them here.

Learn more about carousel displays

All Twitter advertisers are authorized to create carousel ads using the Tweet composer in the ad manager or the ad API.

Creating carousels takes just a few steps and follows the same creative specifications as other image and video formats.

Once created, carousels can either be used organically or advertised.

Twitter debuts carousel ads with up to 6 pictures or videos

When testing Twitter, website carousel ads indicated that click-through rates increased by an average of 15% for individual assets compared to ad formats.


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The test results for app carousel ads were even better. The number of installs per impression increased by an average of 24% compared to ad formats for individual assets.

Twitter also cites a Nielsen study that found that using 3 or more ad formats increased awareness of the campaign by 20% and purchase intent by 7%.

Carousel Ad Best Practices

Twitter lists the following creative best practices for marketers using carousel ads:

  • Use all available components: Including graphics, headings, descriptions and calls-to-action.
  • To tell a story: Create a visual narrative with a beginning, middle, and ending to keep viewers busy.
  • Look at the audience: Show other customers different product images than new, potential customers.
  • Highlight the product and its benefits: The product should be visible and there should be clear, simple communication of the benefits for the consumer.

Now available to all advertisers

Carousels are available for all website and app destinations, as well as video views when using video carousels. Carousels can also be used in engagement and awareness campaigns.


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The debut of carousel ads is an early step towards Twitter to build a more effective performance advertising business.

“This investment in performance advertising also includes expanding the capabilities of our ad formats to give advertisers more opportunities to show and tell their brand story while delivering a more intuitive and engaging experience for Twitter users.”

Twitter is committed to increasing its investment in various advertising initiatives.

This includes updates to Twitter’s mobile app destinations, such as: B. stronger bidding and optimization options.

The Twitter website tag is also being upgraded to improve the accuracy of key campaign metrics such as: B. the return on advertising spending and improved creative advertising formats.


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