Twitter introduces fleets to drive more tweets

Twitter announced a new tweet way called Fleet. Fleet is a temporary tweet that lasts 24 hours and then disappears. The goal is to encourage more users to become less passive by securely engaging in conversations.

Fleets to encourage more tweets

According to Twitter, they have received feedback from many users who are intimidated by the public and persistent nature of Twitter tweeting. Because of this, Twitter says that a lot of tweets remain in draft mode.

In online communities there is a phenomenon called lurking. In any community there are many users who do not participate. They are called lurkers.

I have been a moderator in forums and owner of an online community since 2004. The behavior of non-posters is a real thing.

As a community administrator, I can tell that the number of members who read passively is consistently higher than the number of social media members who actively post.

A common reason for non-posting behavior was consistently fear of being flamed. The word flamed means to be publicly ridiculed or punished.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to see posts on social media with the words “First poster, please be gentle …

Posting on social media, even behind a nickname, can be scary.

Twitter’s new feature acknowledges this phenomenon by stating that the purpose of Fleets is to eliminate the risk of permanent and public tweeting by making the tweet only valid for twenty-four hours.


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Twitter stated:

“To help people feel more comfortable, we worked to make people less pressured to talk about what was happening. Today we’re launching fleets so that everyone can participate in the conversations in a new way – with their fleeting thoughts.

… Fleets are used to share momentary thoughts – they help start conversations and only last for 24 hours. “

Fleet has been tested all over the world

According to Twitter, the new feature has been tested in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea. The feedback confirmed that it helped new users to post their thoughts more easily and that the number of tweets from long-time users tended to increase.

Twitter attributed the increase in the number of tweets to users who were more comfortable with this format when exchanging thoughts and opinions.


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Multiple sharing options

Twitter announced that users could share a variety of media and reactions in a fleet. Unlike normal tweets, Fleets offer additional style options like a background and various ways to style text.

According to Twitter:

“You can customize fleet text, reactions to tweets, photos or videos, and your fleets with various background and text options. Stickers and live broadcasts will be available in fleets shortly. “

How Twitter Fleets Work:

Twitter posted a video with screenshots showing how easy it is for Fleet.

Step 1. Find a tweet

Step 1 - fleet

Step 2. Tap Share Tweet Icon

Step 2 - How to Fly - Share a tweet

Step 3. Tap Share with a fleet

Step 3. How to Fleet - Tap Share with a Fleet

Step 4. Tap the Fleet button to share

Step 4. Fleet - Tap the Fleet button to share

Availability of Twitter fleets

Fleets will be rolled out worldwide in the coming days. Fleet will be available for Android and iOS apps. Additional features will be added to the fleets based on user feedback.

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