Ultimate Guide to Youtube SEO (Including Free Exam Template)

Videos can make a significant difference in any marketing campaign. YouTube is the world’s largest online platform for videos. Hence, your first concern should be developing this type of content.

Creating and posting videos is not enough to get results. If you want your videos to be successful, then you need to optimize them so that they appear for related searches. This significantly increases the traffic received and its value.

Guide to Youtube SEO

Guide to Youtube SEO

The tactic that can be used to optimize your videos can be called YouTube SEO. In this guide, you will learn about a number of these tactics. At the end, you will find a surveillance template that you can use to confirm that your past and future videos have reached their full potential.

First of all, you need to understand what ranking factors influence YouTube videos.

Which ranking factors influence YouTube SEO?

Youtube videos are particularly affected by three ranking factors. The factors are production quality, keywords and viewer metrics.

  • Production quality is a measure of how engaging your video is. It’s not an exact measurement, but there is almost always room for improvement.
  • keywords are the terms used to describe your video in the titles and other areas. Both YouTube and search engines use these terms to sort your videos and serve them to searchers.
  • Viewer metrics are the playback statistics used by YouTube to determine the popularity of your content. The metrics can be used to either promote or demote your content.

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Now let’s look at some tactics you can use to tweak each of these factors.

Optimization of YouTube ranking factors


Production quality

To optimize production quality, you need to make sure that your video can be “played back” in every possible way. If for some reason it is painful to watch your video, the rest of your optimization efforts don’t matter.

Several issues can bother your audience, including:

  • An amateur look
  • Shake cameras
  • Bad sound

If you find that your production quality is not up to standard, the following tactics can help you create videos that are more enjoyable for others:

  • Hire a professional editor or videographer to do the production
  • Enhance the devices you use like microphones
  • Check out other videos in your niche and try to include style tips


Keywords are an integral part of any search engine optimization, and YouTube is no different. You need to apply keywords to ensure that the videos you have created can be found by searching for such content.

Of course, videos are not based on the written word. It is all the more important that you use every other opportunity to describe your videos in the area that Youtube offers you.

The first tactic used here is: Do some keyword research.

You need to verify that all the terms you use match those used by searchers. If you don’t have the resources to research your own, you can see what terms are used by the videos you want to beat.

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If you have keywords, they should be used in all of the following places:

  • Title for the video
  • description
  • Keywords
  • The video itself (so that it appears in subtitles)

When keywords are used in all of these places, YouTube can clearly see how your video should be categorized. This allows it to be displayed for more searches and the correct ones.

Viewer metrics

Viewer metrics can be tweaked, and so must you. You want to get as much engagement as possible. For channels, YouTube tracks:

  • Number of subscribers (including the number of subscribers after viewing)
  • Number of comments
  • The number of times a video is shared
  • The click rate (click rate)
  • Whether the viewer is viewing the video with thumbs up or down

The following is also recorded for each video.

  • The average viewing time of all videos
  • How likely is it that viewers will stay until the end of the video (audience loyalty)?
  • Top videos or channels by the time they are viewed

It can be difficult to improve any of these factors, but all of them are related to the quality of the videos you create. If you want to increase engagement, you need to make sure that your videos are interesting and filled with good information.

You can see all of these metrics for yourself from YouTube studios. Make sure to check the metrics for each of your videos and see if you are doing well or need some work to improve.

YouTube SEO Audit Template

Now you have a few tactics that you can use to improve your YouTube SEO. How well do your previous videos measure up? You can determine this with an audit. A template for an audit has been provided for you below.

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The aim of the audit is to check that you have not missed any opportunities to optimize your videos. Running an audit on your YouTube videos is as easy as following the checklist below.

YouTube SEO Audit Checklist

  • Are the terms I use based on adequate keyword research?
  • My keywords included in title, description and tags?
  • Is my video free of serious audio / video problems?
  • Are my viewers leaving a certain scene that I could change or remove?
  • My videos advertised enough to expect results?


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