What are Instagram DM Limits? (Quick start Guide)

Instagram DMs, short for direct messages, are a great way to communicate with other users on the platform. You can use this feature to send videos, audio, custom pictures, and share other content. However, there are Instagram DM limits in place to stop spammers and prevent overcharging. Now let’s examine where these limits are.

Instagram DM character limit

Instagram users can send up to 1000 characters, including spaces, in a direct message. While this is relatively shorter than other popular social media platforms, it is sufficient for most users.

Number of DMs you can send in a 24 hour period

Number of DMs you can send in a 24 hour period

Instagram never really showed how many DMs a user can send in a 24 hour period. This is mainly because they are quite changeable for different types of Instagram accounts and their specific characteristics. However, it’s safe to say that a trusted Instagram account can send 50 to 100 Instagram DMs per day. Newer Instagram accounts can send 20 to 50 Instagram DMs within 24 hours.

All in all, Instagram’s DM limit is set for each type of Instagram account.

Number of DMs you can send in a 24 hour period

Instagram hourly DM limits

With Instagram, its users can send around 5 to 15 DM per hour. As the account is not new and has no prior prohibitions or penalties.

How to send most possible DMs on Instagram

Instagram limits the number of DMs that can be sent for several reasonable reasons. Instagram limits DMs to stopping spam and unwanted messages and preventing servers from overloading. However, for various reasons, users might want to send as many DMs as possible within a certain time limit. Keep these tips in mind to post as many DMs on Instagram as possible:

  • Do not send the same message to other accounts. Try to change it every time.
  • Personalize DMs by adding the recipient’s username or other personal information.
  • Don’t attach a link to a user in your first message.
  • Do not send all planned DMs within a short time window. Try to send them between intervals during the day.

Instagram DM Limits FAQ

Why are my Instagram DMs blue?

Instagram recently changed the colors in DMs. Instagram hasn’t disclosed exact reasons for this, but it will likely improve the readability of texts on DMs.

Does Instagram have a limit on featured stories?

Instagram doesn’t limit flagged stories and users can flag as many stories as they want on the app.

How long does the Instagram DM block last?

If you send more than 100 DMs per day, Instagram will prevent the user from sending any more messages for the next 24 hours. In the case of repeated violations, the blocking takes longer and can lead to the termination of the account.

Can a blocked user DM me on Instagram?

If you block a user on Instagram, they won’t be able to see or engage in any of your activity, including sending a DM.

What’s the similar limit on Instagram?

Instagram users can post up to 1000 posts per day. Right now, we’re not sure whether Instagram will increase that number or not.

Conclusion on Instagram DM Limits

Instagram does not allow its users to exchange DMs indefinitely for several reasons. It is also not possible to send unlimited DMs to or from an Instagram account. In this article, we’ve explained these limits and included tips on how to send the largest DMs possible. Speaking of boundaries, you might want to take a look at the other boundaries practiced by Instagram. As they say, knowing your limits on Instagram or Instagram can limit you!

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