What does featured comment mean on YouTube?

YouTube has become a much more interactive platform than before. Because the comments below the video and YouTube use different algorithms to make the interaction between users and comments more powerful. Sometimes you find that the specific comment under a YouTube video is higher than the others and stands out more. “What does highlighted comment mean”, you may ask. Read More

What makes comments or interactions appear first? Today we’re going to explore with you what the highlighted comment means. This is how you can do it on YouTube. Let’s begin.

What is a Highlighted Answer?

What is a Highlighted Answer?

You may have noticed that some comments that fall under a YouTube user’s video take precedence and simplicity than others. The YouTube algorithm selects these featured comments. In general, comments are highlighted that receive the most interactions or that may interest you. Video artists can also pin some comments. However, a highlighted comment means more than a pinned comment: it is “introduced”.

YouTube highlights comments that are of interest to you so you can easily interact with them. To this end, the following comments can be highlighted:

  1. When someone replied to your comment under a video, the YouTube system will notify you of the topic. If you go to the page with that comment, YouTube will mark that reply as a highlighted comment. This makes it a lot easier for you to find and use this comment.
  2. If you have a video of yours and someone leaves a comment under your video, you can still get a notification. If you click on this notification, YouTube will take you to the relevant page. In this case, the displayed comment is highlighted again.
FAQs on highlighted comments

FAQs on Featured Comments on YouTube

Can the video creator delete highlighted comments?

Yes, a video artist can delete all comments under their own video.

Does the creator select the highlighted comment?

No, the YouTube algorithm selects which of these comments should be and uses certain criteria for it.

Can I highlight my own comment on YouTube?

No, the commenter cannot highlight their comment. Only YouTube decides this.

Who will receive the comment notifications on YouTube?

For example, you may receive a notification when a comment has been posted on your video, or when someone replied to your comment on another video. You can click on these notifications to go to the related video.

Conclusion: featured comments on YouTube

Featured content is an easy way to improve the interaction between viewers and videos, so the YouTube algorithm loves this feature! Did that interest you in the algorithm? Then read this article: How does the YouTube algorithm work?

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