What does TBH mean on Instagram? Own the Lingo! [2021]

TBH sounds pretty familiar and should mean To be honest, Law? Well, the age of social media has produced a rich vocabulary of internet jargon, and TBH certainly makes that list. You will frequently see “TBH” on various social media posts, particularly Instagram. It is usually used by teenagers and young adults. However, instead of being rude or straightforward about something, it is used to comment on something nice on a social media post.

To be honest or heard

While the abbreviation of To be honest It grew in popularity in the late 1990s and its origins are closely related to the culture of text messaging, internet forums, and internet relay chat. It is used at the beginning of a sentence or at the end to be open about something or someone. As the internet has developed, the acronym has also evolved to be typically used to hate something or to be rude to someone. The following instances can determine the point:

  • “TBH, I hate cyberpunk 2077”
  • “TBH, I think the Ghostbusters movie restart was utter rubbish.”
  • “TBH, I don’t like your taste in music.”

For a change, you can also use the abbreviation to encourage positivity.

  • “TBH, I think you have more courage than you know”
  • “TBH I think you should do yourself more honor”

While this meaning is the accepted norm for most people, TBH lives a different life among teenagers. You often use it as an abbreviation for “To be heard”. Teens use it to ask for dull opinions on their own social media posts. The opinions can be humorous, complementary, or even hurtful, like the colorful personalities of teenagers.

TBH means on Instagram


Apart from its regular meaning of To be honestTeens often use TBH like their own secret currency. For example, a teen may ask for likes with the title “Like for a TBH” on their profile picture. It is used as a noun. You will often see comments on posts that say the same thing with some variations – “TBH for TBH“,” I’ll give you a TBH “and so on. It means that if you like, comment, or compliment their picture, they leave a” Leave. ” TBH on your post. You may receive “TBH I love your makeup” or “TBH I love your hair”.

This trend confuses boomers and millennials as it usually goes against the traditional meaning of To be honest. When teenagers leave TBH they usually don’t want to be rude or snappy and so they say the obvious truth or something generic like “TBH I think you are nice” or “TBH I think you are in my class”.

What do you write in a TBH for a friend?

To write one TBH for a friendyou can say clear messages right after the abbreviation.

  • TBH I miss our Playstation meeting places
  • TBH you are a good man
  • TBH you made me laugh too often

It is also used by teenagers to get close to people who are friends of friends or who are separated by an additional degree of friendship. It is used to get closer to someone who you have not interacted with before. It can also be used to convey romantic feelings.

What kind of swarm do you write in a TBH?

You can be dull about it and comment “TBH and rate”. This invites the original poster to rate you 10 out of 10 and also gives you a first impression. If you feel more courageous, you can opt for “TBH, rate and date”. In this case, the original poster can rate you 10 out of 10 and indicate whether they are interested in going on a date with you. When you use TBH like this, it becomes a sign telling the other person what to expect rather than a direct slap like “I love you”. It helps teenagers keep things short and simple instead of casting a spell over Shakesperian.

TBH can also be used to be nice to friends or acquaintances without any romantic nuances.

TBH for a girl

  • TBH, if I had a sister, I wish she were like you
  • TBH you are one of the most sincere people I have met
  • TBH you have a cute fashion sense

TBH for a boy

  • TBH your jokes get me out of these bad days
  • TBH I wish I had a brother like you
  • TBH I wish we could do more crazy things than we did then


TBH is a great example that shows how initials and abbreviations can evolve over time, and also shows us how languages ​​live and breathe entities that evolve with each generation and culture change. It’s a shame that with the growing popularity of Instagram stickers, the trend is going out of style.

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