What is Instagram Dark Mode and how to use it

While a dark mode has been around in the enthusiast community for a while, Apple and Google started rolling it out since last year. Since then, many apps have followed suit to integrate themselves into dark mode and give their user interface a sleek and dark look. Before we go any further Instagram’s dark mode Let’s take a closer look at that.

What is Instagram Dark Mode?

Along with Google and Apple, Instagram was one of the first users of dark mode and joined the train in October 2019. Dark mode takes the strain off your eyes a lot as you scroll through amazing posts on travel influencers, and can also preserve your smartphone juice for a longer duration. In addition, the latest version integrates Instagram further into the dark forces along with the brother apps Facebook and Whatsapp.

What is Instagram Dark Mode?

What is Instagram Dark Mode?

The benefits of using Instagram dark mode

  1. It’s good for your eyes – You get annoyed when someone opens the curtains in a dark room and it is not pleasant to look at a bright screen in a dark room. If you expose your eyes to bright blue light all day, Melatonin secretion is also suppressed. That leads to poor sleep and you end up scrolling through anything and everything. No wonder that many of us have “itchy and dry eyes” and suffer from mild insomnia Staring at our phones for most of the day. Hence, dark mode is a welcome relief.
  2. It saves battery – Many Android smartphones have OLED and AMOLED screens, and Apple hasn’t looked back since the iPhone X launched. OLED screens allow individual LEDs that make up your smartphone’s screen to be completely turned off.

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This can save your phone a lot of battery life, especially if you increase the brightness settings. in the Instagram’s dark mode Since most of the interface is dark, it can save your screen a lot of juice and give you more runtime without sacrificing your experience.

  1. That looks great – Most apps and operating systems join the dark forces and the amazing looking user interface is a great motivation for a nudge in that direction. Instagram looks stunning in dark mode. The texts jump out more and the pictures look great with the contrasting blacks. In addition, according to the real estate database service LIFULL a Increase in user loyalty with a dark theme on their mobile app.

Instagram Dark Mode for Android

If your phone isn’t running Android 10, and it’s not running a heavily customized skin on previous versions, then you’ll have to rely on the system-wide theme of Android.

How to get Instagram dark mode on Android 9::

  • Update your phone’s firmware to the latest version of Android 9. To do this, go to Settings> Software Update> Check for Updates.
  • Next, open the Settings app and go to Display> Night Mode> Turn On
  • Close the Settings app and open Instagram
  • You should see the dark background and elements in the Instagram app

This isn’t the real dark mode and some things don’t show up the way they do on Android 10 or iOS 13, but it’s better than the boring, bright Instagram UI. You can also quickly switch between night mode and normal mode by using a quick setting shortcut. You can find it in the pull-down menu. If you are in stock Android it should appear as a crescent moon icon. You can even schedule night mode according to your needs.

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To turn off dark mode, you need to follow the same steps to turn off night mode.

How to get Instagram dark mode on Android 10::

  • Make sure you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version from the Play Store
  • Open the Instagram app and tap the “Profile” tab at the bottom right of your screen
  • Next, bring up the menu by tapping the icon with the three vertical lines in the top right corner
  • At the bottom of this menu, tap Settings
  • Go to Topic> Dark to get Dark Mode on Instagram
  • If you have used system-wide dark mode on your Android phone, you can select the “System Default” option under “Dark”.
  • In both cases, you will successfully enter the dark realm

To turn off dark mode, you can select the “Light” option from the theme menu on Instagram or you can revert to the normal system-wide light theme on your phone.

Instagram Dark Mode for iOS

The Instagram Dark Mode is available from iOS 13. If you haven’t installed it on your iPhone, then you should update your phone before proceeding with the steps below.

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version
  • Go to Settings> Display & Brightness on your device
  • Here you can enable dark mode and set it up to automatically sync with daylight hours or to turn it on or off according to your custom schedule
  • That’s it! Enjoy the dark bliss

To turn off dark mode, you need to change the theme of your device to light mode

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Instagram dark mode for PC


If you want to take a look at your Instagram feed on PC while you work, you can add extensions to your browser. However, if you don’t want to use Chrome, you may face a lot of headaches as the extension support doesn’t work as smoothly in browsers like Firefox.

While there are numerous extensions in the Chrome Web Store that enable dark mode on Instagram, Night mode for Instagram is a crowd favorite. There is no occasional white flash while a page loads, and there are no bugs where some hashtags and labels go invisible. You have to go to add the extension to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store and the experience is pretty seamless.


Switch to dark mode on Instagram is one of the best things you can do to relieve your eyes. If you have an old phone, you would do your phone’s battery, and with it the rest of its components, a favor to get a little extra mileage. As Yoda said on his deathbed, “Once you walk the dark path, it will forever dominate your destiny.”


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