What is Instagram Shadow Ban? (+ Solution)

Have you recently noticed a drop in engagement on your posts and suddenly your followers have dropped? This may be due to an Instagram shadow ban that appears to affect thousands of Instagram accounts and is causing outrage on social media. But what is Instagram shadow ban? After all, a steadily growing engagement and a steadily growing number of followers is the be-all and end-all for social media influencers.

This also applies to companies that want to expand their reach. But what is a shadow ban and why did you get a shadow ban at all? Keep reading this article to find out all about Instagram policies and the mysterious Instagram shadowban.

Instagram Shadow Ban Explained

As the name suggests, Shadowban means that you limit your visibility for a period of time without notice. If you get a shadow ban, Instagram will hide your posts in the hashtag search and crawl pages so only you and your current followers can see them, which will severely limit your reach. Although Instagram has not officially admitted its use of shadowbanning, there is consensus that it is a measure to filter out inappropriate content and spam behavior that does not meet community guidelines. Here are some things Instagram marketer Alex Tooby should watch out for.

Be careful not to use prohibited hashtags on your posts

With 995 photos uploaded to Instagram every second, controlling what people are sharing and categorizing is an ongoing effort. This can sometimes flood innocent-looking hashtags with inappropriate content. In this case, Instagram either immediately removes the hashtag or limits its use. But here’s the catch! Even if you use a single blocked or corrupted hashtag in a post with multiple other hashtags, your post will not appear in any hashtag feed. To prevent this from happening, check the hashtags that you use regularly.

Don't use third party apps

Don’t use third-party apps or software bots for automation

Instagram prevents spurious growth on the platform by regularly updating its algorithm to recognize bot usage. If you use any software or app that automatically likes, comments, auto-publishes, or grows your followers, Instagram likely recognizes that activity and bans you in the shadows. While some third-party apps can be helpful in scheduling posts or sending notifications, make sure the app in question complies with Instagram’s terms. It’s also important to note that if you have multiple Instagram accounts and you are using automation on one of them, your other accounts may also get locked.

Watch out for reports

If you are continuously reported it will bring you to Instagram’s attention and be made aware of your account violations such as spam, copyright infringement, etc. Even if it is not your fault, there may be a short shadow ban period before Instagram figures out the situation.

Keep your Instagram activity in moderation

There are some limitations depending on the age of your Instagram account and other variables. How many actions you can take on Instagram every day to prevent bot use is also set. These actions include liking, commenting, following and unfollowing. The rule of thumb is not to exceed 150 to 200 likes, 60 comments, and 60 episodes or non-episodes per hour. An unusual increase in activity outside the stated limits can alert Instagram and cause a shadow ban.

how to fix the shadow ban on Instagram

How to fix the shadow ban on Instagram

Although there is no one-off solution to fix an Instagram shadow ban, you can follow the steps below to shorten the ban or reverse the damage.

  • Identify any blocked or corrupted hashtags that you’ve used and remove them from your posts.
  • Stop using unapproved third-party apps or software for automation.
  • Take a 2-3 day break from Instagram.
  • Try switching your business account to a personal account.

FAQ on Instagram Shadow Ban

How long can Instagram Shadowban last?

Shadowban typically lasts for 14 days, although some users reported that their ban took weeks and even months.

Am I forbidden from shadows?

To check if you have been blocked with a shadow from Instagram, find 3 to 5 users who are not following you and ask them if your posts appear under the feeds of the hashtags that you have used in your posts.

Can a shadow ban on Instagram be fixed?

As we mentioned in the article, there is no known cure for this problem. However, there are a few alternative ways you can go about solving the problem. Please see the section above for more information.

How can I check if a hashtag is banned on Instagram?

To check if a hashtag is blocked on Instagram, open the Instagram app and enter the hashtag in the search bar. If the hashtag is not displayed, it can be temporarily or permanently blocked. When the hashtag appears, click on it to confirm that it is unlocked. Although the hashtag is shown, sometimes you will see a message that the respective hashtag posts are currently hidden.

Why aren’t my posts showing in the hashtag feed?

If you don’t see your posts in the hashtag feed you are using, you may be banned in the shadows or there may be a temporary bug that is preventing your posts from appearing in the hashtag feed. If you are sure that you haven’t broken any of Instagram’s terms, give it some time, check that your app has been updated, and that your internet connection is working.

Conclusion on Instagram Shadow Ban

Some actions like using automation software, posting with hashtags banned, or having too much spam activity. Remember, reporting Instagram can get you covered by shadows. While a shadow ban is usually temporary, it can cause a significant drop in exposure, which will affect the growth of your account. Don’t let yourself be banished by identifying the reason for the shadow ban. Also, make sure to take reverse action and report your problem to Instagram. However, your problem might be due to another problem. To learn more about the other ways, check out How to Fix Sorry, Instagram Has Stopped Error.

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