What is YouTube Return? (What they are made of)

YouTube is an extremely popular social media platform. It offers users a wide range of content from video games to music videos. Since its first year (2005), its popularity reached such a high level that Google invested in purchasing YouTube in 2006. Some of the videos on YouTube went viral in a short period of time and were clicked by millions of people. For this reason, YouTube decided to rewind these most popular videos annually in a video series format called “YouTube Rewind”. YouTube and Portal A Interactive are working together to produce these videos.

What you will find in return videos

The videos include top-notch viral videos, popular events, trends, memorable moments, favorite music from the previous year and much more. You can see the most standout YouTubers and social media influencers who have been the most followed and watched throughout the year. If YouTube users click on a video frequently, you can be sure that it will take place in the YouTube rewind video below. Every year, YouTube users look forward to following the awesome moments, events and celebrities that have become trending topics. Each video is like a visual feast with its colorful scenes full of joy.

YouTube rewind videos

YouTube Rewind FAQs

How can I watch the videos?

The videos are uploaded to the YouTube channel towards the end of each year. Sign in and write the title of the rewind video you want to watch in the search box. Each video has a different title.

Which is the least popular video?

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone controls the return which was on YouTube on December 6th of the same year received negative feedback from the audience. Critics and YouTubers also badly criticized the video. In the first two weeks after it aired, the video received more than 16 million dislikes. As a result, it became the least popular video in the series. YouTube took these comments into account when broadcasting Rewind 2019: For the record. However, this video responded similarly and became the third most popular Rewind video.

Will there be a video in 2020?

The answer is no. “YouTube made an announcement through its official Twitter account informing people that they canceled the 2020 video. Although they didn’t mention ‘Covid-19’ directly in the official announcement, they wrote that” 2020 was different. And it doesn’t feel right to go on like it wasn’t. ”It wouldn’t be wrong to say that coronavirus also affected YouTube Rewind 2020. We all assume that this is why YouTube decided To take a break from Rewind in 2020.

Conclusion of the YouTube feedback videos

In this article, we explained what YouTube Rewind is and what kind of content you can find in these videos. We have answered the most common questions about the videos. We hope you find it useful and enjoy reading it!

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