What is Zoom (a definitive guide)

Zoom is a visual conference tool for teams. Its popularity is too great now because of the pandemic that is affecting the whole world. People cannot meet face to face these days; Therefore, they can meet through the app. In addition, 1000 people can take part in meetings.

You can meet your co-workers, friends, family or co-workers. Let’s examine how Zooming works and what is its functions!

What are the features of Zoom?

What are the features of Zoom?

Individual or group meetings

With Zoom you can hold both individual and group meetings. Only people authorized by the host can attend the meeting.

Share screen

When you’re giving a presentation and / or want to share your device’s screen, you can use Zoom to share your screen with attendees.


Sometimes meetings should be recorded. It could be your company’s policy or that teachers need it to upload lecture videos for students. When someone starts recording the meeting, other attendees are reported.


In the meetings, you can use a chat box so as not to interrupt the speaker. It’s a need, especially in large groups. When the speaker asks questions to the whole group, it is very confusing when everyone starts speaking at the same time.

Group size

You can use Zoom to create meetings with a maximum of 100 people. However, if the host buys the “big meeting,” the attendance limit increases to 1000.

Meeting duration

With the free version of the app, you can create 40-minute meetings. If the host buys one of the other subscriptions, the limit increases.

Breakout sessions

This feature allows the host to split the participants and add them as a group or individual to different breakout rooms. When the host closes the breakout rooms, everyone is back in the meeting.

How does zoom work?

How does zoom work?

Zoom has four different subscription types. Depending on which you use, functions and working methods can also differ. Let’s examine them first.

Free subscription

At this level, the application allows you to create unlimited meetings. However, the duration is limited to 40 minutes and the attendance limit is 100. In addition, no meetings can be recorded at this level.

Zoom Pro

To subscribe to the Pro tier, you need to pay $ 14.99 each month. It increases the duration up to 24 hours and you can save the recordings of your meetings on your devices.

Zoom Business

The monthly subscription price for this tier is $ 19.99. You can record your meetings and store both recordings and the transcription of those recordings on your devices.

Zoom Enterprise

This subscription type was created for companies with +1000 employees. The app gives you unlimited cloud storage and a customer success manager. It also offers you discounts on webinars.

How to start meetings

The way a meeting starts is the same on mobile devices or computers. When you go to the app and log into your account, the icon in the orange frame is used to start a meeting. When you tap it, the meeting starts.

How to invite attendees

You can share the link with people you want to join. You can also share the meeting ID and password. After clicking the link, you should take their requests.

How to record meetings

Once you start the meeting, there are various buttons at the bottom of the page. To record the meeting, click the Record button. When the recording starts, participants will be reported.

How to split the screen

Once you’ve started the meeting, you should click the “Share Your Screen” button in green. Then select the tab that you want to share with attendees. Once you’ve shared your screen, you can draw and highlight on the screen.

How to schedule meetings

When you log into your Zoom account, there is a scheduling option on the home page. After clicking, you should fill in the required information. Your scheduled meeting will then be displayed in the calendar.

Using the chat

When the meeting has started, there will be a chat icon at the bottom of the page. Once you click on it, the chat box will open. You can choose the recipient. This means that you can determine the recipient for a specific person or for all participants.

How to use zoom on a computer

How to use zoom on a computer

The zoom can be used on both mobile devices and computers. Mobile devices are generally easier and more efficient to use. This is because you can see more computers on computers at the same time and sometimes shared screens are not too visible on mobile devices, especially when there is a PowerPoint presentation. Also, if you want to open the chat box, you won’t be able to see the participants or the host on the screen.

One of the efficient benefits of the computer mood is that you can continue to view and attend the meeting while you open or work on other tabs.

  • To use Zoom on your computers, you should first download and set up the app.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can log into your account or create a new account if you don’t have one.
  • Then you will see different options like “New Meeting”, “Join”, “Schedule” and “Share Screen”. These options allow you to create a new meeting or join another meeting by entering the meeting ID and password.
  • There are also Chat, Meetings, and Contacts options at the top of the page. These options allow you to chat with your contacts, access your upcoming meeting information and contacts.
  • At the top right of the page is an icon with your initial. Once you tap on it, additional options will appear. From there you can change your availability. You can also switch accounts, go to the settings page, and contact the support team if necessary.
  • When creating or attending a meeting, you can use the allowed features according to your type of subscription.

FAQ for Zoom

Why is Zoom better than Skype?

This is because recently users have had to conduct their group meetings using these conferencing tools and Zoom for groups has more advantages than Skype.

Which one is better? Zoom or FaceTime?

In one-on-one meetings, Zoom and FaceTime do not differ much. For group meetings, however, Zoom offers a lot more functionality than FaceTime.

Why did Zoom become so popular?

It also had popularity before that; However, due to the pandemic, people had to find a tool to meet as groups. Even there are so many rumors; Your team improved the security and other features of Zoom. So they made progress.

Is Zoom Safe?

While there is a good security system in place for the app, it is generally recommended not to share sensitive information through Zoom.

Should I have an account to use Zoom?

You don’t need to have an account to attend other people’s meetings. However, you will need an account to create meetings and invite attendees to your meeting.

Conclusion on Zoom

This app became the most popular conference tool in the world. There are several reasons for this and most of the users are satisfied. In this article, we’ve shared Zoom’s features and how to use it. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions here. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful to you. If it doesn’t, you can reach out to Zoom’s support team and ask your questions. Speaking of going live, by the way, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were interested in going live on Twitter. See how!

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