Why isn’t iCloud signing in? (Solution)

Can’t sign in to iCloud and looking for solutions, right? Is there a problem with your iCloud account? How can you sign in to iCloud? Read our suggestions to learn more about your connection to iCloud!

What could be the problem?

  • You should always check your internet connection first. If you don’t have stable WiFi, this may be the main reason you can’t log into the cloud.
  • It is best to restart your device if you are sure that you are entering the correct Apple ID and password. Try to connect to iCloud again after restarting your Mac and iPhone.
  • Apple ID and password are case-sensitive. Is the cap locked in place? Enter your Apple ID, which is case-sensitive.
  • Most of the users have these iCloud problems because they forgot their Apple ID or Apple ID password. If you can’t remember, here are some tips on how to connect to iCloud.

Forgot your iCloud ID?

If your problem involves remembering your iCloud ID or password, here are some suggestions for solving your iCloud sign-in problem:

  • To find out your Apple ID, you can get help from your Apple system on your iPhone.
    • Use this path to view your Apple ID: Settings> Passwords – this is where your Apple ID will be displayed.
    • Settings> Messages> Send & Receive. This path will also show you your Apple ID.
    • Settings> Facetime. When you open Facetime, you’ll also see your Apple ID.
  • You can also view your Apple ID on your Mac.
    • Apple menu> System Preferences> Apple ID
    • Apple menu> System Preferences> Internet Accounts> iCloud Account
  • If you need the internet to see this …
    • You should go to iCloud.com and Account Settings if you’re already signed in.
I forgot your Apple ID password

Forgot your Apple ID password?

All Apple services will help you reset your password when you open it. If you can’t remember your Apple ID password, there is no problem to fix this problem.

  • Here are some things you should do to solve your iCloud problems:
    • In iPhone or iPad settings> tap (your name)> Password & security> Change password
    • On the Mac, Apple menu> System Preferences> Apple ID> Password and Security> Forgotten Apple ID and Password

If you are sure of your Apple ID and password

Then another problem could be creating these iCloud problems for you. If you’re sure your internet connection is fine, have restarted your devices once, and you’re sure your email address is correct but still can’t log into the iCloud drive, keychain files may be the cause be for your problem.

What should I do if iCloud still won’t let me sign in?

  • Move keyring files
    • On your Mac, click Go, then click Go To Folder. Enter the following: ~ / Library / Keychain
    • Here, move the files to another folder that you created on your Mac.
    • Now you should log out of your Apple system and log back in.
  • Try to reset the keychain

If moving the keychain files didn’t solve your problem, try the following steps:

  • Applications> Utilities> Keychain Access> Settings> General> “Reset Default Keychain”
  • Then enter your new password.
  • Restart your Apple device to see that you can sign in to your iCloud on your Mac.
  • Delete the iCloud folder
    • Sign out of your account and sign back in to the iCloud Drive.
    • Now do the following: Finder> Go menu> Option> Library> Application Support
    • Here, find the iCloud folder and copy it to your desktop. Delete the original iCloud folder.
    • Restart your device to sign in to iCloud.
iCloud won't let me sign in

FAQ about the ability not to sign in to iCloud

iCloud won’t let me sign in. What could be the problem?

Check that your internet connection is good and that your Apple ID password is true. If there isn’t a problem with these, the keychain can cause problems for you.

I can’t remember my Apple ID and password. How can I solve this problem?

You should refer to the steps to find your Apple ID and reset your Apple ID password.

What to do to solve the keychain problem

You can move keychain files. This generally solves your problem. If it doesn’t, reset your keychain or delete the iCloud folder.

Do I lose my documents and other things on my iPhone / iPad / Mac during these processes?

If you were previously signed in to iCloud Drive, all of your documents, files, photos, contacts, emails, and more are automatically backed up by iCloud Drive itself. If you manually stopped this automatic backup process before the login problem, some of your documents may be lost.

I cannot solve the problem by following all of these steps. What should I do?

You should contact Apple Services for assistance. In general, the suggested steps are the solution to your signing in to iCloud problem. However, if you can’t solve your problem and iCloud still won’t let you sign in, you should contact Apple Support.

Conclusion that you can’t sign in to iCloud

Some users experience these problems from time to time. Generally, if there are no issues with their Apple ID and password, the keychain on Apple devices is causing this issue. Check out our suggestions and solve your iCloud problems! However, logging into websites and applications can sometimes be problematic. One of the most common cases for users is that they cannot sign in to YouTube. Fortunately, here is an overview of how to solve the singing problem on YouTube.

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