YouTube improves the mobile experience with 5 updates

YouTube improves the mobile viewing experience for users with the introduction of five new updates.

The updates for YouTube on mobile devices are aimed at making better use of existing functions and introducing some new ones.

Updates include:

  • Better use of video chapters
  • An optimized player site
  • New gestures
  • Suggested Actions
  • Reminders of bedtime

“With a global community of two billion people on YouTube, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to watch and interact with your favorite videos.

Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube, including new updates for you to try starting today. “

Learn more about the updates that are now available to all users.

Video chapter

YouTube is expanding its function for video chapters with a new list view that can be accessed by tapping or clicking on the chapter title in the player.

YouTube improves the mobile experience with 5 updates

The new chapter list view allows users to see a full list of all the chapters in the video they are watching.


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Each chapter has its own thumbnail that shows a preview of the items it contains.

This is a welcome addition to the YouTube video chapters. This is a relatively new feature that was only introduced last May.

Previously, chapters in the description section of a video were only displayed in plain text.

Now YouTube is taking the information about chapters from the description section and creating a more engaging way to interact with videos.

All creators can use YouTube video chapters simply by manually writing timestamps in the description area.

To ensure that the feature works as shown, add at least three chapters per video, with the first starting from “0:00”.

Also, make sure that each chapter is at least 10 seconds long.


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Here is an example of what a three-level how-to video can look like when broken into chapters:

00:00 – introduction
02:30 – Step 1
05:15 – Step 2
07:40 – Step 3
10:15 – conclusion

It’s worth noting that Google also displays video chapters in a similar way when showing YouTube videos in search results.

Changes to the YouTube player

YouTube optimizes the player page with some important changes:

  • The closed caption button has been moved up
  • The autoplay toggle switch has been moved up
  • Small improvements like rearranged buttons

YouTube improves the mobile experience with 5 updates

More gestures

YouTube makes it easy to enter and exit full screen mode. Now users can swipe up to go to full screen mode and swipe down to exit.


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By tapping the timestamp, users can quickly switch between showing the elapsed time and the time remaining on a video.

Suggested Actions

YouTube is starting to roll out suggested actions that will ask users to turn their phones or play a video in VR.

YouTube improves the mobile experience with 5 updates

These suggestions will only appear if YouTube thinks it will improve the experience.


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This function will be expanded further in the future.

Memories of bedtime

A new digital feel good tool allows users to set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed.

YouTube improves the mobile experience with 5 updates

These features are now available on YouTube for mobile phones.


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Source: Official YouTube Blog

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